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Today is the Christmas Quilt- a- long day for March and this time I am ready for it!
Our hostess today is Joanna

Today we get to see the next step for the quilt so I plan on getting  my fabric cut, since I couldn't pin down which fabric I wanted to use last time.

I am also going to try and cut some fabric for a couple of other Christmas project I am working on so stay tuned. I will be updating this post for time to time today vs creating separate posts like I did last time

So dust off your Christmas tree, turn the Christmas light on outside and turn up the carols its time to get some Christmas sewing done!

******UPDATE #1*******

I had decided on my fabric for the mystery quilt last month however when I took a look at it this morning I didn't care for it. So I went with something different and I  must say I LOVE IT. The fabric is all from my Christmas box, but I think it could still be used for an everyday quilt too. I also decided to just cut the medium and light requirements since I think I am going to try and get a nice white fabric. I just have a plain white and I think I would like a patterned one......but I can't find anything anywhere!

Background- White
Light- tan/glod
Medium- blue
Dark- Red

The medium and light strips cut and ready to sew together

the strips sewing together.....

Now I have to get lunch ready and then start cutting the strips into blocks

******UPDATE #2*******

Well nothing says Christmas like a sliegh ride and guess what drove pass my house this afternoon
its a little hard to see but its a sleigh ride there were two groups driving in the village...kinda of strange but its works for the Christmas

I decided to make lunch....this is a pasta, veggie and ham Bake..should be ready soon

Here are my strips cut up into 2x3.5 squares. I have them in piles of 10pairs which is 20 in each pile...lots of cutting but oh so exciting!!

So now off to eat lunch and then I will get started into sewing these into 4block pairs


  1. Woohoo, looking forward to seeing your fabrics.

  2. Don't you just love Christmas projects! Will look forward to seeing them!

  3. I'm tempted by the vegetables in your blog background. They look so fresh:) Enjoy working on your projects.

  4. Having fun sewing yet? It's nice seeing everyone's progress on the mystery quilt.

  5. You're moving right along. I just had lunch so after I do a little blog hopping, maybe I'll actually do some sewing.

  6. I like your fabric choices. The star print is really nice. Very pretty.

  7. I love your fabric choices. The quilt will look great.

    Speaking of looking great, your pasta bake looks wonderful.

    What fun that you had sleighs going past today too. Brilliant timing.

  8. getting there one stitch at a time! Oh, I love mysteries! hehe!

  9. Love the sleighs! LOL who woulda thunk??? Your colors are fabulous!!


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