Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Week 25

Originally I was going to link up again to WIP Wednesday, however this morning when I went to look for something to post on I realised I had nothing that was started. Well that is a lie I had finished the March row for my ROM, but this is all it is.

For April I have to sew squares to my squares to get the finished row. This should be interesting since I am going to have to sew a ¼ seam all the way around the square. I am going to have to get out my ruler for sure!

Today is also week 25. That is 25 weeks until I can hopefully get out and plant the garden! Today I am moving on to row 3, Cucumbers.

This year I planted two 30ft rows of national pickling cucumbers. This was down from the 6 rows I had planted in 2010; however, it was still way too many. I ended up with 142.4lb of cucumbers and I would guess about another 50lb at least that just went to waste.
2 rows of cucumbers with corn to the right-  summer 2011
85lb harvest
With the 142.4lb that I harvested I was able to make:
 8 jars of fridge pickles
9 jars split bread and butter pickles
10 jars of cucumber relish
7 jars of dill slices
11 jars of zesty bread and butter pickles.

My plan for 2012 is to try and grow the cucumbers on trellises and maybe go down to one row. Okay go down to one row for sure, however I just feel like I one row won’t be enough. Unfortunately I know I am wrong since I just proved that two rows were too much...hahaha. I also plan to continue growing national pickling since they always produce well for me out here.

And to end this post here is a picture of the garden on week 25. The snow is down a bit after the lovely 9C weather we had on Sunday, but it is still winter!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

City woes and snowballs

Holy cow November is almost over. Where did this month go! Let’s see what have a gotten done...oh yeah Well that is a lie I did get my Ghastlies project done for my blog hop day on November 3rd, however that feels like a lifetime ago!

Yesterday Mr.P and I had to go to the city again since the arm on his glasses fell off. They have to order the arm from Italy so it going to take a few weeks. Luckily they were able to glue it back on for him in the mean time. Since the eye dr is in the mall we thought we might get a bit more Christmas shopping done, but we still came home with nothing. The low point of the day was when we were at the Costco gas bar. Mr.P went to open his door to get out and this little 16 year old punk drove right into it. The kids parents just happened to be at the pump in front of him (since he didn’t know how to pump gas) and his mom was well let’s just say I don’t have anything nice to say about her. They were just going to drive off and I said I would call the police. They drove off a little bit and then came back to get our info cause he had damage...and then he didn’t have damage so the dad wasn’t going to give me the sons name...but I got it and Mr. P thinks that the door is going to be okay. Nonetheless I am still fuming today...Oh well at least it wasn’t as bad as the lady that got hit in the parking lot last month and was thrown 10ft while the driver drove off...

Okay I can’t leave my post with grumpy news so I am going to move onto something a bit happier. These are some snow balls I made this week. They just require a foam ball and some yarn. You then wrap the yarn around the foam ball and voilĂ  you get a snow ball. I think I may make a few more and just toss them here and there around the house.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Happy cyber Monday

I have tried not to get caught up in this whole black Friday; cyber Monday shopping extravaganza, but it is hard to say no to good deals. We didn’t go shopping on Black Friday since I didn’t think that any stores in Saskatoon would have deals. I guess I need to listen to the radio, read the newspaper or watch more TV because it sounds like there were some good deals to be found. I did a bit of online shopping on Friday and a little last night, however, it was mostly things for myself and therefore not really productive. I had the mentality of well it’s on sale I should buy it, but my brain kept saying “do you really need it”. Most of it I didn’t need so it went from the basket to the wish

I didn’t get any sewing done over the week-end. This means that i really need to get my butt into gear this week. On top of all the sewing I want to do I also make my own Christmas Cards. Since December 1st is on Thursday and I would like to have the cards made and ready to mail out by then.

This is a picture of the paper I bought to make the cards as well as the "sayings" to go into the cards. I have a few ideas of what I would like to make using my stamps and my new cricut. I just hope that the transition from my brain to the paper goes smoothly.

I hope everyone else is having a more productive day!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Cooking

Yesterday was Christmas Appetizer and cookie day over at my mothers. Every year for the past 8 years the two of us get together and make up a bunch of our favourite appetizers and a few cookies for Christmas.  Now most of the stuff we make we could simply buy premade, but making them together is much more FUN!

This year we made

Parmesan bites
Ham puffs
Mushroom turnovers
Cheese puffs
Crap Bites
Rum Balls
Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

We started shortly after 10am and cooked until 6pm. It was a long day of cooking, but everything tasted so great! I only remembered to take a picture of the first 3 things we made, but we did make everything on the list.
Top Parmesan bites, left ham puffs, spanakopita.Middle spanakopita and bottom Parmesan bits

This year we ran out of time for a couple of regulars, Rollo cookies and short bread cookies. However, there is still a lot of time to get those made. I still have 4 cookies and maybe 5 appetizers that I make on my own, but that all depends on how I feel.

All in All I think we had a very successful and fun filled day. I didn’t have to worry about driving in either which was nice. My father picked me up and then Mr. Pickles came in for supper and drove me home. My super Mom had made a yummy stuffed pasta shell casserole Friday night so once we were done with our cooking she just threw that in the oven and supper was soon ready. We spent the rest of the night watching a few episodes of big bang theory season one and playing a fun card came called golf. Even though I lost...again it was a pretty great evening too.

Friday, 25 November 2011

29 days and counting!

Under a month till Christmas now....ahhhh...and Okay so what have I finished off my craft list, nothing. I haven’t even started anything so I really need to get my butt in gear.

Yesterday I started decorating the house and I would say I am about 2/3 of the way done. I still have the living room to decorate and the small tree to put up in the kitchen. The real tree won’t go up until December some time. It depends when they start selling Christmas trees in the city.

I mentioned before that I have a bit of a nutcracker

And here plus another 6 large and 10small that have to go in the living room since I ran out of room in the

I also thought I would show a few of the handmade plastic canvas decorations I have made in the past.

This is my snowman tissue or candy holder

My snowman coaster set


I really enjoy doing plastic canvas work. I think I am going to have to look for a new pattern and do at least one decoration for this year.

Now I am off to the clean the craft room so I can start making Christmas cards with my birthday gift that finally arrived. More on that in another post.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Kitchen Cupboard November 24th

Today I am taking part in Kitchen Cupboard Thursdays over at The Gardener of Eden’s blog. Today Robin is having a Thanksgiving addition with some mouth watering pies. Make sure you check it out.

As for what is going on in my Kitchen cupboard this week...well not Thanksgiving since we Canadians celebrated it back in October ...but POTATOES!

Out of all the potatoes harvested from the garden this year I ended up with two small boxes of baby potatoes.
The largest potato is about 2.5 inches in diameter and the smallest about 1inch. Now I figured that these would be great as canned potatoes. I have never made canned potatoes, but we use to buy some when we went fishing for shore lunches and they were always yummy. The problem was that I could fit about 7 potatoes into one 1L jar and then the rest were just a bit too big so I would only get two or three in the jar. I decided to cube up the bigger ones and save the wee ones for either canning later or frying up in a nice creamy dill

This is my finished product. 5 x 1L jars of canned potatoes. I used my pressure canner to process these and I think they ended up losing a bit of water, but they turned out pretty good. Santa says "YUMMY"

Now besides frying up canned potatoes with onions, mushrooms and butter I am not sure what else to use them for. If anyone has some suggestions I would love to hear them.

I hope everyone south of the border is having a lovely Thanksgiving!! Since the weather here is still wonderful i am still doing that happy dance. They are calling for +7C on Sunday....WOW

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

WIP Wednesday

Well today is November 22 and the snow is melting outside!! What an exciting way to start the day. Now to those of you who are not stuck in the deep freeze for 6 months out of the year you might say who cares? However, any break from the -30C weather is a time to do the happy dance!

Today I am going to try something a little different. I am going to take part in the WIP (work in progress) Wednesday link up over at Freshly Pieced.  it’s a place to showcase your works in progress and check out what other people from around the globe are working on as well. This is my first time ever linking up...but I thought what the heck why not give it a try.

I cannot figure out how to make this button link to her site.... so click here

My WIP is still my first ever quilt. Don’t mind the wrinkly parts. It’s been sitting half folded up for a month now.  This is the one that I took a class for and still haven’t gotten around to finishing it. It’s almost done though! I have stitched in the ditch like the instructor told us to do, but didn’t show us how. I think I need to do that a bit more though since there are some pretty huge gaps between the quilted parts.

I figure if I get my butt in gear today I should be able to finish the quilting part and then I can move onto the binding. Hopefully by next Wednesday this quilt will be done!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Winter warm up :)

So far this winter has been an interesting one. On Sunday it was -31C with the wind-chill and today it is     -3C with the weather network calling for +4C tomorrow. I am not complaining about the nicer weather, but that is a huge change in such a short time. I would be very very happy if the warm weather decided to stay until after Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas Mr. Pickles and I went to the mall yesterday to get some Christmas shopping done. We came out with one gift and half a Christmas outfit for the Mr. There wasn’t much there that was on our lists and the holiday sales haven’t really kicked in yet. Nonetheless, I did see Santa! I didn’t go and sit on his lap...but I saw him and he was

Yesterday we spent 11hrs in the and we didn’t really end up with anything. The only thing I had for a must buy was a fish for my peace Lilly and I didn’t think of that until we got home! Oh well I think it would have been a fish stick after being left in the Jeep all day!

I finally finished the February row for my ROM (row of the month) a few weeks ago, but I forgot to post about it. This row had a lot of cutting and a technique I had never done before and that showed because it didn’t turn out. I think that my ¼” seam may have been too big, or something but this is what I ended up with.

Both rows are too short. The middle (purple) row is January and both of Februarys are suppose to fit on either side. I am pretty disappointed. I think if I put another little block on each side that should work. It will be a bit “off”, but it should be okay. 

The blue and cream block underneath everything is the start of the March row. That was the easy part the next part of the March row is too confusing!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Mondays Musings

Wow it is the 21st of November already. Where does the time go! I still haven’t started any of the Christmas projects I wanted to make and there are still no decorations up in the house. Well that is a lie there are now 5 little ornaments up..But that is it.

I have an update on my Peace Lilly. She isn’t dead, but the lone leaf is starting to turn brown. I am not sure if a new leaf is going to spring up in time either so this might be the end for my ole plant. I am going to hit up a pet store today anyhow and pick up a beta to put in it. I figure any little bit might help!

On Saturday we drove in to see my Parents, which may seem boring to most. However, since Mr. Pickles use to work till 11pm every night and never got an evening off it is something we have never really been able to do. It was nice to feel like normal people again!

When we arrived we got treated to another exciting event. While on a visit to Tennessee back in October my mom bought an Accuquilt Go fabric cutter. Since they flew back and their friends drove back it took until now for the Go! to come home. It was so exciting to try it out!

When we were done experimenting my mother told me she wouldn’t be using it till after Christmas so I could take it home with me and use it until she wants it back....YIEPPIE. This now means two things. One I am going to have to find some patterns for the die that came with it and cut out a bunch before I have to return it. Two it means that I am going to have to buy her some dies and accessories to go with it. The problem with the last one is that there isn’t a store I can buy accuquilt products at in Saskatchewan and I am not sure what dies or accessories to buy her. 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sewing Saturday

I don’t have much to show for today’s sewing Saturday post. Somewhere after the Ghastlie blog hop I lost my will to sew. It has half to do with the new medication the doctor put me on that has me forgetting where the craft room is. The other half is the fact that Mr. Pickles is getting home by 8pm just about every night. You see 8pm is usually the time I am feeling a bit better and can actually get some things done, but after 6 years of Mr. Pickles only getting home around 11pm from the farm I feel bad going to sew when I could be spending time with him. I am sure the feeling will pass in a few

Since I haven’t walked into the sewing room this week I figured I would show you some of the fabric I bought last week when i was still feeling inspired.

Some lovely Halloween fabric

The yellow is for a santa i need to start working on. The middle fabic was on sale for $2/meter so i bought 4  and the red is going to be the backing for my Christmas log cabin

Also I have to show this amazing wall hanging that my mother made me. Its  not the best picture, but its the only place i could find with a nail..!!

Friday, 18 November 2011

No reply blogger

I am sure many of you have ready many a posts about the no reply blogger so I will keep it quick.
When anyone leaves a comment on a post that comment gets sent via e-mail to the bloggers inbox. Now what I have come to learn is that most people respond to comments that way. This is the new way that I am going to respond to any comments on my blog.

So what that means is you leave me a comment it goes to my inbox. I hit reply and respond to your comment.  Now if you settings are correct when I hit reply your e-mail address will appear. If not all I will get is no-reply blogger and therefore unable to e-mail you a reply. This is fine with me since I can always just comment via my comments section on the blog.  However, if you see I have responded to some people in the comments sections and not to others it doesn’t mean I am being snobby. It just means I likely sent them a direct e-mail reply instead.

So there you go. I more than likely didn’t need to waste anyone’s time with this post, but I felt bad switching things up and not telling anyone.

If you want to fix being a No-Reply Blogger all you need to do is this
In blogger, click on Dashboard
Click on Edit Profile
Click the box “show my e-mail address”
Save changes

I still had problems being a no reply blogger while using internet explorer. I was told that anyone who created a blog after March 2011 will have the same problem. The solution was to use Google Chrome as my web browsers when using blogger. It makes things a little annoying having to use Chrome for blogging and IE for everything else (since I prefer it so so so much more..Lol) but so far it has been worth it.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thursday s Kitchen Cupboard

Today I am taking part in the Thursday Kitchen cupboard linky party over at The Gardener of Eden blog. This is a place to show what has been going on in your kitchen in the past week. It is a wonderful way to see how people are using their harvest from the garden in the off season.

So what do I have to show today......CARROTS

Last night I finally finished up blanching and freezing the remainder of my carrots. The whole process took me about 2 hours to clean and slice using my mandolin. I think I should have used a bigger pot and then the process would have gone a bit quicker..Lol I had toyed with the idea of pressuring canning the carrots, but I couldn’t see a reason why it would be better to can vs. freezing. I am sure there are a hundred and right now I can think of about 6, but last night I couldn’t’ think of one!

I ended up getting 13 2 cup bags and 1 3 cup bag. This brought my carrots total to 54 cups of carrots. This is about 27 bags of carrots. Now I just have to try and use 2 bags a week and I should be out of carrots come harvest next year. Mr. Pickles maned the food saver last night for me and afterwards he had to read the instructions. I took a picture since I think he was checking up on what i was telling him but he wont admit

I also just have to show this onion.

Isn’t it just the most lovely onion ever....okay maybe not to everyone, but this is one of the onions from my garden that I cured and braided. Since they are in the same room and our cistern I was a little worried that the extra humidity might cause the onions to go bad quicker. However, this pretty little guy shows me that they are doing pretty darn good. That means that my first ever curing/braiding onions are a success!

And last but not least the thing that comes in and out of my kitchen more than anything else. Zada.....She watched me slice and blanch all the carrots thinking that she would get one if she was good. However once she realized that she didn't like carrots she went back to

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Week 27

This week I am moving onto row 2. This row is made up of strawberries and raspberries. The strawberries were a donation from my aunt’s garden which had become over run with strawberries and from the look of it this year quack grass. I never had quack grass in that area of the garden till the strawberries moved in. When I got the strawberries in May they had been out of the ground and in a box for about 2 weeks. With a week of rain in the box I let them sit for another week in the mud hoping they would dry out a wee bit before I planted them. However, they never seemed to dry out and were even starting to bloom. So I decided to plant them. The good thing was that they loved their new home and were sending out runners like crazy. The bad thing was that about a week after planting them they stopped blooming and never produced one fruit.

For the 2012 garden the strawberry patch will stay where it is. I am going to have Mr. Pickles bring home some straw from the farm come spring to help keep the weeds down around them. I am also thinking of constructing some kind of fence with a wire top to keep out the birds. Another must for 2012 would be to not plant cucumbers next to the strawberries. That was a bad decision since they over took the berries in about a month!

The raspberries were a new addition to the garden last year as well. We just planted two plants one of red raspberries and one of yellow raspberries. Neither was well marked as to what kind they were simply red and yellow. Which is bit strange since we bought them at a greenhouse? But I digress; we were able to harvest about 5 berries this year. There were a few more red come September, but the frost got to them before I did.

For 2012 I need to stake them better and maybe buy a few more. I just hope they produce better cause I want the make some jam!
the 2nd row is strawberries and raspberries taken in june 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas

With only 39...wait did I count right...yep 39 days till Christmas!!! I have officially started to decorate the house. Right now my only decorations are this Christmas tree and this Santa cheese ball holder thing.

 It’s not a lot, but it’s a start. I am going to try and bring up one box of decorations a day and take things a bit easier this year. However, usually once one box is opened then I have to bring up everything else right away too..Lol so within the next few days it should look like Christmas threw up in my house..Lol

Does anyone stick to a theme or have an addiction to a certain type of decoration? I love nutcrackers and have been collecting them for the past 3 years. So those along with anything Santa tend to rule my house. My mother on the other hand has a thing for snowmen.

As for a theme for decorating the house I don’t think I really have one. I do the tree up in red and gold with old fashion wheat ornaments and I guess that carries throughout the house. So I guess my theme is old fashion farm house in red and gold....if I want to get

Monday, 14 November 2011

House plants part II

Another Monday and another house plant that need help. Don’t worry I only have 4 house plants and the other two are doing okay for now so this won’t be a weekly thing I hope!

This is my Peace Lilly which technically is not a lily, but a member of the spathiphullm family.

 Now I just call it my plant that grows in water, but I looked online and that is what it is. I got this “lily” 10 years ago from my parents when I passed the 2nd half of my Latin course at University. I had gone into my Latin final with 27% from the midterm and no real chance of passing. However, the final was worth 70% of our final grade and I ended up passing with a 65%. So my parents sent me this plant to celebrate my success.

It originally came with a beta or Japanese fighting fish in the bowl, but that little guy is long gone as are about 4 more of his buddies. I haven’t had a fish in there for the past 4 years. In the past year my lovely plant has been slowly declining. This time last year it had about 8 leaves and had even bloomed. Now I am down to one leave and by the time a new one comes up this one till turn brown and die. However, no matter how many times my father says “it’s dead, chuck it” I refuse to give up on it. I think part of its problem was a little side plant was developing at its base. I ripped that out and this leaf has stayed green a lot longer than the other ones were. The other problem in my eyes was that the roots had gotten too big and dead and that was killing the plant. So today I decided to cut the roots back. Is that a good idea...I don’t know, but I already did it so let’s say yes!

Look how long the roots are. I cut about half off and then forgot to take a picture!

And this is the plant after I changed the water and cut the roots. 

The roots are still pretty long, but not taking over the whole bowl. I think I may trim them back a bit more in another month and get another fishy. However, since I always forget to water my plants I generally forget to feed the fish too...which doesn’t work out well for the fish!

If anyone was wondering how the lucky bamboo cutting went...well it didn’t. I told Mr. Pickles what I was going to do and he told me that the plant was healthy and beautiful so why the heck would I want to mess with it. So there ya

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sausage Making Saturday

Well this past week was an interesting one. I had hoped to get my Christmas log cabin done, however, sewing on the borders on Monday night and buying the batting and backing on Wednesday was as far as I got. I did get some good deals at fabric land though so that always puts a smile on my face. Especially when I buy way too much fabric!

On Wednesday I had to return to the dentist for my first ever fillings. I had three done and have 7 more to go.....gesh not sure what happened there. Nonetheless that wrecked the remainder of my week.

Yesterday was a real highlight though. My parents came out and we made sausage. This was our first ever attempt at making sausage. Initially we were each going to make 10lbs of a sausage of our choice. However, that would have been 40lbs of sausage and for a bunch of first timers that would have been too much. So we just made my dad`s choice which was a kielbasa. The whole process went A LOT easier than any of us thought it would be. The longest part was waiting for the sausage to dry which took about an hour and then cold smoking the sausage. The cold smoking took 6 hours!!! I think the fact that it was a little chilly outside didn`t help the smoker, but after a 6 hour wait we brought the sausage in and it looked and tasted great.
Our sausage and one of the 2 loaves of bread I made Friday night
We also took about 10 links and chose not to smoke them, just in case we didn`t like the smoke flavour. We slow cooked them in the oven for about 2 hours and then fried one up to taste. It was pretty darn good too. After all the sausage was done we vacuum sealed it and divided it up and the 10 hour sausage making event was done. 

All in All it was a great day! Can`t wait for our next sausage adventure. I think we are going to try an Irish sausage. I hear bangers and mash calling my name already!

Friday, 11 November 2011

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada. It is a day celebrated throughout the common wealth to remember the brave members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty.  We celebrate on this day because it was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month that hostilities of WWI ended. For the first time ever it will be 11/11/11/11. 

When I think of Remembrance Day I think of WWI and WWII. When you look back and see the photos or film reels it’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of brave soldiers that went to war fighting for our freedom. Today is a day to remember everyone that has died serving their country, to honour all soldiers no matter what side of the war they were on.

According to a website dedicated to keeping the memories of  Canadian soldiers contribution in various wars alive. The count for Canadian Military persons killed is:
First World War: 66,665
Second World War: 46,998
Korea: 516
Peacekeeping missions: 121
Afghanistan: 154
 To all men and women of the Canadian military past and present THANK YOU. We will never forget.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Week 28

Week 28 in the garden looks like this.
The garden is on the other side of the fire pit.

Not too pretty, but soon to get worse I am sure. Right now we are stuck in the horrible time of the year when the temperature rises and the snow starts to melt. We received too much snow last week so unless we reach 10C for a few days the snow is going to stay. However, what happens now is that the snow melts enough to make everything slushy and the road a salty mess. Then it freezes at night and turns everything into a skating rink. This lovely process will repeat until we hit a constant -10 or more. This bad to say, but I think I would prefer to cold cold cold weather too

Since there is not much to report in the garden I thought I would start row by row of what I am going to do next year. Last year row 1 was made of bachelor buttons, sun flowers and wild flowers as you can see below.

I liked that when you entered the yard and looked at the garden you were greeted with a wall of flowers. I planted the sun flowers in two slanted rows with the bachelor buttons to form a triangle on either side of the first row with the wild flowers connecting the two. The sunflowers were definitely the show stopper, some of them reaching 12+ feet tall. I am planning to keep them in the garden next year, but I am going to try and find a dwarf version.  The rest of the flowers were for the most part not what I was expecting. SO next year I think I may do sunflowers the whole width of the first row and fill in the row in front of them with zinnias, or marigolds. I think the yellow sunflowers with orange marigold would look great together!

My other plan for the first row is to try and start those flowers indoors first this year. My reason for wanting to do that is that the flowers just took so darn long to grow this year. Most of them were only starting to bloom come the middle of August and the garden was done by the first week of September. The other option would be to buy plants already blooming from the green house when the garden is ready to go in. This might be the better option since when it comes to indoor plants I do not have green thumb!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

47 Days to and boo!!

With 47 days till Christmas my crafty side is just itching to get things made. I know a lot of people do their holiday crafts in the summer so they are all ready come December, but that’s not me. When the sun is out and the garden is growing the last thing I want to think about is Christmas and all the snow and cold weather that accompanies it! I will say though that my list for things I would like to make is always longer than the things I actually get done. Last year the extent of my craftiness was making wool snowballs, baking and making appetizers.

This year I hope for things to be a bit better since I caught the sewing bug and it seems to be staying around. I was able to sew the borders on my Christmas Log cabin last night. The black turned out a lot nicer that I thought it would. My only regret is instead of 3” I should have made it 4.5 since I think I prefer the look of a chunky border.

 I am going to stick with the one border on this one since I feel that any other colour is going to take away from the blocks. So now I just have to get Mr. Pickles to take me to the fabric store tomorrow to get some backing and batting and I should get one Christmas craft done this week!

As for my Christmas craft list. It looks a little something like this
Christmas Log Cabin quilt
Santa placemats
Table runner or placemats using jelly rolls
Embroidered handmade napkins
Snowman wall hanging
Hand towels
Fabric ornaments
Christmas cards
Soap bottle aprons
Mug Rugs
Cookies x 5 kinds
Appetizers x20 kinds

So stay tuned to see what gets done or what doesn't get done...Let me tell you the food always comes

Monday, 7 November 2011

Plant troubles

Okay now this may be a bit of a strange question, but has anyone ever trimmed back their “lucky bamboo” plants before?

Although I can grow just about anything in the garden me and house plants do not have a good relationship. I forget to water them and in turn they choose to die. I bought a lucky bamboo plant a few years ago and the sucker has just taken off. I usually end up killing them with in the first 6 months so I am quite happy that this one is indeed lucky. However, the problem is that it is getting so tall and I am not sure if you can trim back the leaves or not. I looked online and there is a lot of information on transplanting the plant as a whole as well as how to transplant stalks you removed. However, I couldn’t really find anything on cutting back the leaves. I am not sure if I trim all the way down to the stalk if anything will grow back or not. I don’t want to kill my lucky little plant so if anyone has successfully given this a try let me know.

In other news....there is still a lot of snow. I went for a walk around the front of the yard last night and I would say that there is a good 7 to 8cm of snow out there. I think a lot of it blew in like usual, but it was nothing compared to the 15-25cm they were calling for by mid afternoon. Of course you always hope that the first snow goes away in a few days, however I do not see that happened this year. The temperatures for the rest of the week are around -2C daytime and -10C at night. SO unless we get a nice warm front...winter is here to stay 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Oh no its snow!!!

Well Saskatchewan officially welcomed winter last night. It started snowing at about 9:30 and just didn’t want to stop. The end result was waking up to this......

I don’t think it is going to go away either. Right now we are in the middle of a weather warning calling for 5-15cm of snow in the next 12 hours. So that is really exciting. So much for tilling the garden and pruning the trees next week-end! The snow blower is still in the back garage..Which means Mr. Pickles is likely going to have a fun day getting that

Oh well such is life in Saskatchewan. At least it starts to put me into the Christmas spirit....

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sewing Saturday...Questions and kitty cats

Now that the Ghastlie blog how is over I guess it is time to move onto other things. I really enjoyed being part of the hop; however, joining it kind of fell in my lap. Since I don’t really know how one joins other blog hops that may have just been my first and

A few people had asked for a better picture of the little kitty I made. This is one I took, but didn’t include on Thursdays post. 

On Wednesday night I said to my self...self I want to make a stuffed kitty cat. So I went and sketched out a little design made a template and traced my image onto the fabric. At this point I was about to just cut on the line I had drawn when it occurred to me that maybe I should cut a bit wider to allow for a seam allowance. I am happy I did since the kitty would have been impossible to stuff otherwise. I think it turned out pretty good since I had never done anything like that before. It has its problems and for some reason even though I drew the kitty to be this big in my head I thought I was going to be about 2ft Nonetheless, it was a good first attempt and I now know what to change for next time.

If you had been following my blog before the hop you will know that I ran into some problems when making my door hanging. Two of the problems I found the answers to and the third problem is really a question I think? When I was doing the FMQ I was using a black thread on top and orange in my bobbin. This resulted in tiny black dots all over the back of my quilt...see pic below.

Now my husband says that is just the way the machine works and I am only noticing it because it is black. Now is he right or am I doing something wrong?

I also got my blocks sewed together for my Christmas Log Cabin. It went a lot quicker than the first time and my lines matched up much better this time too. I think using patterned fabric instead of solids made a huge difference. The problem i am stuck with now is I don't know what color my borders should be. I bought this black fabric which i used in the middle square for the borders, but I don't know now. I am going to have to sleep on it :)

Friday, 4 November 2011

THANK YOU and Final day of the Ghastlie Blog hop

I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU To everyone that stopped by my blog yesterday for the blog hop!
I was a little nervous when I hit the post button on Wednesday night. Your family telling you something is nice vs. the whole blog verse being able to see it in a quilting blog hop is in a whole different playing field.... I was overwhelmed by all of the super kind and wonderful comments people left.  I was hoping I would get 30 comments, cause to a newbie blogger like me THAT IS A LOT!! However, getting 151 is more than I could have imagined. Thank you all for the all confidence you have given me, Your kind words warmed my heart and tickled my toes more than you will ever know! I still find myself saying “They liked me, they really liked me!!!!”

And for those 20+ of you that chose to become new followers.. Well HELLO THERE!!!! Thank you for following me! As you can tell I tend to ramble on a bit, but I hope you enjoy your time at my blog. 

Okay now to the fun part

The winners of yesterday’s prizes were

1.LORALYN you won! from
Mrs Corrie Ghastlie

2.CREATOLOGY from Mrs Ghastlie Pickles *****YAHOO Someone from my site won!****  Denise:) from Mrs Cheryl Ghastlies

Congrats to all you lucky winners!!!

Today is the last day of the Ghastlies Blog hop...boooo Yet another reason to say my new mantra “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”-Dr Seuss sure was on smart cookie!

 Make sure you check out all Check out all of my Ghastlies sistahs today  and visit Madame Ghastlies blog for today’s prize and will you look at that today she will be posting her Ghastlie creations too.

Friday November 4th

Day 10

I also want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Madame Ghastlie for organizing this wonderful blog hop amidst the million and one other things she is juggling. I am so glad that I was able to take part. I have taken the plunge from being a want to be quilter to a beginner quilter and I wouldn’t have thought that possible a few months back. Also another HUGE THANK YOU to all my Ghastlie Sistahs that took part in this hop. Your talent and creativity has inspired me to reach to new heights. And to everyone that followed the hop....I’m sorry we all infected you with the Ghastlie flu...but we warned you it would happen!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop Day 9 is Mine

From the moment I saw the Ghastlies Line
I knew a Ghastlies creature was soon to be mine
With no Ghastlies fabric in site what could I do
But there was no stopping me for I had the Ghastlies flu
A faint voice from the east cried “check out this store
And if they are out don’t fret there’ll be more
So I waited impatiently for my creature to arrive
Then I cut and I stitched and I ripped till I cried
When I was done ran to the door
For I could hold my excitement no more
IT’S ALIVE IT'S ALIVE I yelled from the porch
And all the villages lit their torch
As they came closer I trembled in fright
But they said don’t worry, that creatures just right
So I smiled and said how do you do
Secretly knowing they all now had caught the ghastlie flu...

A few months back when I saw the ghastlies fabric on MadameGhastlies blog I fell in love with it and before long I had committed to being part of the Ghastlies Blog hop. After I had done that I kicked myself for a few days thinking. Okay you have only ever sewn a pair of pj bottoms before and you have never taken part in a blog hop WHAT IN THE #$%@ WERE YOU THINKING!! I spent another few days thinking of what to make and drawing up some ideas and then decided I wasn’t good enough to make anything so I was going to back out. Luckily I have a great husband that when he saw my sketch told me You CAN MAKE THIS. So with that vote of confidence and a husband willing to drive me to the fabric store and help pick out fabric I was all set to make something!

Here it is my Creature door/wall/tree hanging.

and a close up picture of the Creature

Now this being my first ever big sewing/quilting project I hit a few snags, but I think it turned out pretty good. I wasn’t sure how to quilt the middle panel so I just let it be. I stitched in the ditch around the borders and tried my hand for the first time ever at free motion quilting (I took me an hour to get the foot on the boo fabric so if I messed up you couldn’t really tell.  Also the Boo fabric glows in the dark..but since this is a ghastlies blog hop you will have to come back tomorrow to see

After making the door hanging I had a piece of Ghastlie fabric that was SCREAMING MUG RUG MUG RUG!! See he is even pointing to the tombstone saying if you don’t turn me into a mug rug you gonna be in here! WOW how utterly ghastlie!

And this is the back..
Now I know its not Ghastlie's fabric, but I am just pretty proud I made it
Up until a few months ago I had never heard of a mug rug. However, I did some research and for those who are clueless like I was. It is a 6 X 9 mini placemat that is big enough for a mug of coffee and a snack.
I am quite happy with the way that both projects turned out. I even made a little kitty to go with them. Here is a picture of them all hanging out

Thank you for stopping by and helping me celebrate my first ever blog hop contribution! I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them.

***Each of the blogs featured today will submit one name from their comments to Madame Ghastlie.  Which means that person will then have a 1 out of 5 chance to win a super Ghastlie prize. Check out her blog to see what today's prize or should I say prizes are...You read right there are going to be 3 WINNERS
All you have to do to enter is just leave a comment. I will pick one name by 8pm local time 10pmET (I think) and send it off to Madame Ghastlie our lovely hostess for this blog hop. She will have the winner posted on her blog tomorrow and I will post the winner on my blog as soon as I can tomorrow morning!****

And in case you haven’t already PLEASE stop by my Ghastlie Sistahs blogs today

Thursday November 3rd
Day 9