Happy cyber Monday

I have tried not to get caught up in this whole black Friday; cyber Monday shopping extravaganza, but it is hard to say no to good deals. We didn’t go shopping on Black Friday since I didn’t think that any stores in Saskatoon would have deals. I guess I need to listen to the radio, read the newspaper or watch more TV because it sounds like there were some good deals to be found. I did a bit of online shopping on Friday and a little last night, however, it was mostly things for myself and therefore not really productive. I had the mentality of well it’s on sale I should buy it, but my brain kept saying “do you really need it”. Most of it I didn’t need so it went from the basket to the wish list...lol

I didn’t get any sewing done over the week-end. This means that i really need to get my butt into gear this week. On top of all the sewing I want to do I also make my own Christmas Cards. Since December 1st is on Thursday and I would like to have the cards made and ready to mail out by then.

This is a picture of the paper I bought to make the cards as well as the "sayings" to go into the cards. I have a few ideas of what I would like to make using my stamps and my new cricut. I just hope that the transition from my brain to the paper goes smoothly.

I hope everyone else is having a more productive day!


  1. I'm your newest follower! I love making cards, too! And I have a question....what are spanokopita? They look cool! I have a nutcracker collection too, it's probably my husband's least favorite part of the decorating! LOL


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