Sausage Making Saturday

Well this past week was an interesting one. I had hoped to get my Christmas log cabin done, however, sewing on the borders on Monday night and buying the batting and backing on Wednesday was as far as I got. I did get some good deals at fabric land though so that always puts a smile on my face. Especially when I buy way too much fabric!

On Wednesday I had to return to the dentist for my first ever fillings. I had three done and have 7 more to go.....gesh not sure what happened there. Nonetheless that wrecked the remainder of my week.

Yesterday was a real highlight though. My parents came out and we made sausage. This was our first ever attempt at making sausage. Initially we were each going to make 10lbs of a sausage of our choice. However, that would have been 40lbs of sausage and for a bunch of first timers that would have been too much. So we just made my dad`s choice which was a kielbasa. The whole process went A LOT easier than any of us thought it would be. The longest part was waiting for the sausage to dry which took about an hour and then cold smoking the sausage. The cold smoking took 6 hours!!! I think the fact that it was a little chilly outside didn`t help the smoker, but after a 6 hour wait we brought the sausage in and it looked and tasted great.
Our sausage and one of the 2 loaves of bread I made Friday night
We also took about 10 links and chose not to smoke them, just in case we didn`t like the smoke flavour. We slow cooked them in the oven for about 2 hours and then fried one up to taste. It was pretty darn good too. After all the sausage was done we vacuum sealed it and divided it up and the 10 hour sausage making event was done. 

All in All it was a great day! Can`t wait for our next sausage adventure. I think we are going to try an Irish sausage. I hear bangers and mash calling my name already!


  1. Oh do I wish I were at your house! Those sausage look delicious and don't you love those vacuum bags :o).
    Are you going to share your recipe?

  2. The sausage looks great! We make our own sausage too. We usually make a breakfast sausage and a hot sausage. We have never made any type of smoked sausage though. I think it's something we may need to try!

  3. Gingerbreadhouse7- The bags work great with sausage. I'll have to remember to ask my father for his recipe and post it!

    Robin-Breakfast and hot sausages are next on our list to make. This is our first time cold smoking anything. My dad made his own cold smoker and it worked pretty darn good.

  4. We really hope to make sausage this year, yours looks great.

  5. Jody- It was A LOT easier than i could have imagined! We sampled a package last night and it was even better than last week.


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