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I am sure many of you have ready many a posts about the no reply blogger so I will keep it quick.
When anyone leaves a comment on a post that comment gets sent via e-mail to the bloggers inbox. Now what I have come to learn is that most people respond to comments that way. This is the new way that I am going to respond to any comments on my blog.

So what that means is you leave me a comment it goes to my inbox. I hit reply and respond to your comment.  Now if you settings are correct when I hit reply your e-mail address will appear. If not all I will get is no-reply blogger and therefore unable to e-mail you a reply. This is fine with me since I can always just comment via my comments section on the blog.  However, if you see I have responded to some people in the comments sections and not to others it doesn’t mean I am being snobby. It just means I likely sent them a direct e-mail reply instead.

So there you go. I more than likely didn’t need to waste anyone’s time with this post, but I felt bad switching things up and not telling anyone.

If you want to fix being a No-Reply Blogger all you need to do is this
In blogger, click on Dashboard
Click on Edit Profile
Click the box “show my e-mail address”
Save changes

I still had problems being a no reply blogger while using internet explorer. I was told that anyone who created a blog after March 2011 will have the same problem. The solution was to use Google Chrome as my web browsers when using blogger. It makes things a little annoying having to use Chrome for blogging and IE for everything else (since I prefer it so so so much more..Lol) but so far it has been worth it.


  1. I make comments on some blogs and they never make a comment on mine but always send me just an email...and some don't respond at all. So I don't always know who's looking. My comments come to my inbox and I can publish or delete them..I like that feature because their are many that try to use my blog to advertise.


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