Winter warm up :)

So far this winter has been an interesting one. On Sunday it was -31C with the wind-chill and today it is     -3C with the weather network calling for +4C tomorrow. I am not complaining about the nicer weather, but that is a huge change in such a short time. I would be very very happy if the warm weather decided to stay until after Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas Mr. Pickles and I went to the mall yesterday to get some Christmas shopping done. We came out with one gift and half a Christmas outfit for the Mr. There wasn’t much there that was on our lists and the holiday sales haven’t really kicked in yet. Nonetheless, I did see Santa! I didn’t go and sit on his lap...but I saw him and he was

Yesterday we spent 11hrs in the and we didn’t really end up with anything. The only thing I had for a must buy was a fish for my peace Lilly and I didn’t think of that until we got home! Oh well I think it would have been a fish stick after being left in the Jeep all day!

I finally finished the February row for my ROM (row of the month) a few weeks ago, but I forgot to post about it. This row had a lot of cutting and a technique I had never done before and that showed because it didn’t turn out. I think that my ¼” seam may have been too big, or something but this is what I ended up with.

Both rows are too short. The middle (purple) row is January and both of Februarys are suppose to fit on either side. I am pretty disappointed. I think if I put another little block on each side that should work. It will be a bit “off”, but it should be okay. 

The blue and cream block underneath everything is the start of the March row. That was the easy part the next part of the March row is too confusing!


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