Oh no its snow!!!

Well Saskatchewan officially welcomed winter last night. It started snowing at about 9:30 and just didn’t want to stop. The end result was waking up to this......

I don’t think it is going to go away either. Right now we are in the middle of a weather warning calling for 5-15cm of snow in the next 12 hours. So that is really exciting. So much for tilling the garden and pruning the trees next week-end! The snow blower is still in the back garage..Which means Mr. Pickles is likely going to have a fun day getting that ready..lol

Oh well such is life in Saskatchewan. At least it starts to put me into the Christmas spirit....


  1. Very pretty. Sigh, now I want snow :)

  2. It's been a few years since I've seen heavy snow, here in NC it's gone in two days ..ole Arthur Ritis really bugs me in cold weather so I do like the bears hibernate :o)

  3. Okay, how have I not noticed that you live in Saskatchewan? Hubby's only aunt and uncle live in Saskatoon!

  4. Gingerbreadhouse7-Yeah i don't see you getting a lot of snow in NC.! I like to hibernate too....burrrr

  5. Brrrr! We have been having pretty good weather here in Iowa and in just a couple more days will have enough wood cut, split and stacked then the snow can come! Stay inside and quilt :)

  6. We got snow this weekend also. Good by yard work Hello sewing room.:)


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