Sewing Saturday

I don’t have much to show for today’s sewing Saturday post. Somewhere after the Ghastlie blog hop I lost my will to sew. It has half to do with the new medication the doctor put me on that has me forgetting where the craft room is. The other half is the fact that Mr. Pickles is getting home by 8pm just about every night. You see 8pm is usually the time I am feeling a bit better and can actually get some things done, but after 6 years of Mr. Pickles only getting home around 11pm from the farm I feel bad going to sew when I could be spending time with him. I am sure the feeling will pass in a few

Since I haven’t walked into the sewing room this week I figured I would show you some of the fabric I bought last week when i was still feeling inspired.

Some lovely Halloween fabric

The yellow is for a santa i need to start working on. The middle fabic was on sale for $2/meter so i bought 4  and the red is going to be the backing for my Christmas log cabin

Also I have to show this amazing wall hanging that my mother made me. Its  not the best picture, but its the only place i could find with a nail..!!


  1. Your going to be a busy one this winter too :o)

  2. Spending time with Mr. Pickles is far more important than anything else. That sewing bug will bite again soon enough. Warm Hugs,

  3. LOL you can't ignore you said; he works long hours...the sewing will be there later. The wallhanging is very the flowers.

  4. Spending time with your DH is very important (that's why I always have some hand-sewing I can do then!). Sorry you've lost your mojo, I'm sure it'll be back soon.
    That wallhanging is just awesome. I bet you were thrilled with it.

  5. Thanks for stopping by ;I appreciate the input

  6. Love your mom's wall hanging...looks fantastic!

  7. I agree that spending time with Mr. Pickles is more important and feel good too! Your wall-hanging your mom made is beautiful!


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