Ghastlie Blog Hop Day 7 and more

Tuesday November 1st 
Day 7

Monday's winner was well..... me. Now doesn't that just make my day. I had no idea I could even be a winner. 

***Not sure why this didn't copy before*** 
Here is a picture of what I won!!
Thank You to Mrs.Nancy Ghastlie  for donating these oh so lovely lights! I know exactly where they will go next year!

Make sure you check out the blogs listed above today and for a full Blog Hop schedule as well as a list of prizes check out Madame Ghastlies site!


In other news last night was a very quite night on the trick or treater front. We only got 6 kids the whole night and two of them were not even dressed up. Now I feel old in saying this...but I remember back in the day when we went out to trick or treat we went out for hours and would hit over 100 houses. If it was -30 with the windchill we didn't care. Our mom's would bundle us up the best they could and then try and squeeze our costumes back on. We didn't complain about the candy we got since it was huge compared to what kids get today and no one drove us from house to house we walked....up hill both ways in 5ft of Okay that last part isn't true, but i had to throw it in. 

Here is another plastic canvas Halloween decoration I made. Should have posted it yesterday, but I forgot.  

And here is a picture of how small the chocolate bars are now days. That is my mini nail file. Oh well I don't like chocolate so it doesn't bother me that much!


  1. How can you possibly not like chocolate?

    Here in the UK Trick or Treating has only really caught on in the last few years. Certainly my kids never did it. We don't have that many callers, but the ones we did have really seemed to have made an effort with their costumes/makeup etc this year, which was great fun.

    Congratulations on winning too. That looks like a really great prize.

  2. As above give a nice plastic canvas Halloween decoration. That is given a good pics.

    Midwest Scrapbook


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