47 Days to Christmas..yahoo and boo!!

With 47 days till Christmas my crafty side is just itching to get things made. I know a lot of people do their holiday crafts in the summer so they are all ready come December, but that’s not me. When the sun is out and the garden is growing the last thing I want to think about is Christmas and all the snow and cold weather that accompanies it! I will say though that my list for things I would like to make is always longer than the things I actually get done. Last year the extent of my craftiness was making wool snowballs, baking and making appetizers.

This year I hope for things to be a bit better since I caught the sewing bug and it seems to be staying around. I was able to sew the borders on my Christmas Log cabin last night. The black turned out a lot nicer that I thought it would. My only regret is instead of 3” I should have made it 4.5 since I think I prefer the look of a chunky border.

 I am going to stick with the one border on this one since I feel that any other colour is going to take away from the blocks. So now I just have to get Mr. Pickles to take me to the fabric store tomorrow to get some backing and batting and I should get one Christmas craft done this week!

As for my Christmas craft list. It looks a little something like this
Christmas Log Cabin quilt
Santa placemats
Table runner or placemats using jelly rolls
Embroidered handmade napkins
Snowman wall hanging
Hand towels
Fabric ornaments
Christmas cards
Soap bottle aprons
Mug Rugs
Cookies x 5 kinds
Appetizers x20 kinds

So stay tuned to see what gets done or what doesn't get done...Let me tell you the food always comes first...lol


  1. It looks beautiful and I think that size of border looks fine on it. I vary on the size of borders....your is perfect!

  2. I wondered howe the black border would look...and you know what? I love it! Hope you have enough hours in the days to come to finish you to do list!@

  3. The black border looks great!

    I guess that I better get my Christmas "to do" list ready...ughh!

  4. Robin- Thank you! Doesn't Christmas always seem to come to quick!


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