Tuesday, 29 November 2011

City woes and snowballs

Holy cow November is almost over. Where did this month go! Let’s see what have a gotten done...oh yeah nothing...lol Well that is a lie I did get my Ghastlies project done for my blog hop day on November 3rd, however that feels like a lifetime ago!

Yesterday Mr.P and I had to go to the city again since the arm on his glasses fell off. They have to order the arm from Italy so it going to take a few weeks. Luckily they were able to glue it back on for him in the mean time. Since the eye dr is in the mall we thought we might get a bit more Christmas shopping done, but we still came home with nothing. The low point of the day was when we were at the Costco gas bar. Mr.P went to open his door to get out and this little 16 year old punk drove right into it. The kids parents just happened to be at the pump in front of him (since he didn’t know how to pump gas) and his mom was well let’s just say I don’t have anything nice to say about her. They were just going to drive off and I said I would call the police. They drove off a little bit and then came back to get our info cause he had damage...and then he didn’t have damage so the dad wasn’t going to give me the sons name...but I got it and Mr. P thinks that the door is going to be okay. Nonetheless I am still fuming today...Oh well at least it wasn’t as bad as the lady that got hit in the parking lot last month and was thrown 10ft while the driver drove off...

Okay I can’t leave my post with grumpy news so I am going to move onto something a bit happier. These are some snow balls I made this week. They just require a foam ball and some yarn. You then wrap the yarn around the foam ball and voilà you get a snow ball. I think I may make a few more and just toss them here and there around the house.


  1. Thank goodness your husband wasn't stepping out the door! It is so sad that some parents don't teach their children how to behave correctly.....if the parents are willing to leave the scene what will their kids learn. Your snowballs are really cute!

  2. The world is full of nuts! not just walnut either..Glad I looked at that snowball twice...it looked like a giant marshmellow that I was ready to nibble on :o)

  3. Wow...that is crazy....

    love the snow balls!!

  4. People are just awful sometimes. I wonder what they are going to claim was damaged on their car?

    Nice snowballs!

  5. Those snowballs looks like a great craft idea with my girls!


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