Kitchen Cupboard November 24th

Today I am taking part in Kitchen Cupboard Thursdays over at The Gardener of Eden’s blog. Today Robin is having a Thanksgiving addition with some mouth watering pies. Make sure you check it out.

As for what is going on in my Kitchen cupboard this week...well not Thanksgiving since we Canadians celebrated it back in October ...but POTATOES!

Out of all the potatoes harvested from the garden this year I ended up with two small boxes of baby potatoes.
The largest potato is about 2.5 inches in diameter and the smallest about 1inch. Now I figured that these would be great as canned potatoes. I have never made canned potatoes, but we use to buy some when we went fishing for shore lunches and they were always yummy. The problem was that I could fit about 7 potatoes into one 1L jar and then the rest were just a bit too big so I would only get two or three in the jar. I decided to cube up the bigger ones and save the wee ones for either canning later or frying up in a nice creamy dill

This is my finished product. 5 x 1L jars of canned potatoes. I used my pressure canner to process these and I think they ended up losing a bit of water, but they turned out pretty good. Santa says "YUMMY"

Now besides frying up canned potatoes with onions, mushrooms and butter I am not sure what else to use them for. If anyone has some suggestions I would love to hear them.

I hope everyone south of the border is having a lovely Thanksgiving!! Since the weather here is still wonderful i am still doing that happy dance. They are calling for +7C on Sunday....WOW


  1. My kids' favorite side dish is "Funeral Potatoes" - a common hot dish for funerals. Add cream of chicken soup, sour cream, one bunch of onions, 1-2 cups of grated cheddar, bake.

  2. I can my small potatoes all the time but usually use them fried with onions as a quick side for a meal. I do slice mine before I can them. I also dehydrate the little ones sliced as I make my own hamburger helper and use them in that.

    Another way to use small potatoes is to boil them in salt water in jackets just until tender. In the mean time chop up some bacon and fry it up with some chopped onion. Remove all from the pan. When the potatoes are slightly cooled place a clean towel over them and just just flatten them until they squish down. Let them dry they brown them in the bacon grease and add the bacon and onions back in.

  3. Potatoes are like Chicken, you can do anything with them...they sure look good in the jars..good job, your getting to be a real pro with that pressure cooker :o)

  4. I'm quite intrigued as I am completely unfamiliar with canned potatoes - do they taste the same as the fresh ones? Does it affect the texture?

  5. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Boy, I wish that I had a pressure canner! Canned potatoes would definitely come in handy! Nice job!!

  6. Liz- I have never tried home canned potatoes before. However, the once or twice i have tried canned potatoes from the grocery store they have been okay. They taste like potatoes, but firmer. I am going to have to do a taste test between the two and real and post about it!

  7. Hello from Japan...
    What wonderful colors your potatoes have...

  8. Been scrolling through your blog. What a green thumb you have. Good looking pototoes and cucumbers.
    I am trying my hand at growing some veggies during the winter under hoop houses. We don't have such cold weather as you but we do get snow so the hoop houses might keep the veggies just warm enough to grow. I am growing cool weather veggies.


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