Week 28

Week 28 in the garden looks like this.
The garden is on the other side of the fire pit.

Not too pretty, but soon to get worse I am sure. Right now we are stuck in the horrible time of the year when the temperature rises and the snow starts to melt. We received too much snow last week so unless we reach 10C for a few days the snow is going to stay. However, what happens now is that the snow melts enough to make everything slushy and the road a salty mess. Then it freezes at night and turns everything into a skating rink. This lovely process will repeat until we hit a constant -10 or more. This bad to say, but I think I would prefer to cold cold cold weather too this..lol

Since there is not much to report in the garden I thought I would start row by row of what I am going to do next year. Last year row 1 was made of bachelor buttons, sun flowers and wild flowers as you can see below.

I liked that when you entered the yard and looked at the garden you were greeted with a wall of flowers. I planted the sun flowers in two slanted rows with the bachelor buttons to form a triangle on either side of the first row with the wild flowers connecting the two. The sunflowers were definitely the show stopper, some of them reaching 12+ feet tall. I am planning to keep them in the garden next year, but I am going to try and find a dwarf version.  The rest of the flowers were for the most part not what I was expecting. SO next year I think I may do sunflowers the whole width of the first row and fill in the row in front of them with zinnias, or marigolds. I think the yellow sunflowers with orange marigold would look great together!

My other plan for the first row is to try and start those flowers indoors first this year. My reason for wanting to do that is that the flowers just took so darn long to grow this year. Most of them were only starting to bloom come the middle of August and the garden was done by the first week of September. The other option would be to buy plants already blooming from the green house when the garden is ready to go in. This might be the better option since when it comes to indoor plants I do not have green thumb!


  1. I agree with you about the indoor planting. I try almost every year and I swear they start out fine and then....I get better luck with volunteer plants dropped from last year's flower seeds (the ones that avoid dead heading or gathering!) than I do from deliberate indoor planting!

  2. I would think with your short season that you would have to start plants inside. I always love Sunflowers and they have so many different colors and sizes now! I planted a couple that only got about 2 feet tall.


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