Week 25

Originally I was going to link up again to WIP Wednesday, however this morning when I went to look for something to post on I realised I had nothing that was started. Well that is a lie I had finished the March row for my ROM, but this is all it is.

For April I have to sew squares to my squares to get the finished row. This should be interesting since I am going to have to sew a ¼ seam all the way around the square. I am going to have to get out my ruler for sure!

Today is also week 25. That is 25 weeks until I can hopefully get out and plant the garden! Today I am moving on to row 3, Cucumbers.

This year I planted two 30ft rows of national pickling cucumbers. This was down from the 6 rows I had planted in 2010; however, it was still way too many. I ended up with 142.4lb of cucumbers and I would guess about another 50lb at least that just went to waste.
2 rows of cucumbers with corn to the right-  summer 2011
85lb harvest
With the 142.4lb that I harvested I was able to make:
 8 jars of fridge pickles
9 jars split bread and butter pickles
10 jars of cucumber relish
7 jars of dill slices
11 jars of zesty bread and butter pickles.

My plan for 2012 is to try and grow the cucumbers on trellises and maybe go down to one row. Okay go down to one row for sure, however I just feel like I one row won’t be enough. Unfortunately I know I am wrong since I just proved that two rows were too much...hahaha. I also plan to continue growing national pickling since they always produce well for me out here.

And to end this post here is a picture of the garden on week 25. The snow is down a bit after the lovely 9C weather we had on Sunday, but it is still winter!


  1. Mrs.P, I think that one row of cucumbers will be plenty!! Just think of all of the other things you can plant in that other row!!

  2. There is no way your going to eat all those pickles anytime this or next year ...I agree with Robin ..plant something else..

  3. What a great way to pass a dreary winter day -thinking about your spring garden!

  4. Jody- I agree. I want to try and start a few seeds indoors come February so i better start doing some more thinking..lol


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