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Today I am taking part in the Thursday Kitchen cupboard linky party over at The Gardener of Eden blog. This is a place to show what has been going on in your kitchen in the past week. It is a wonderful way to see how people are using their harvest from the garden in the off season.

So what do I have to show today......CARROTS

Last night I finally finished up blanching and freezing the remainder of my carrots. The whole process took me about 2 hours to clean and slice using my mandolin. I think I should have used a bigger pot and then the process would have gone a bit quicker..Lol I had toyed with the idea of pressuring canning the carrots, but I couldn’t see a reason why it would be better to can vs. freezing. I am sure there are a hundred and right now I can think of about 6, but last night I couldn’t’ think of one!

I ended up getting 13 2 cup bags and 1 3 cup bag. This brought my carrots total to 54 cups of carrots. This is about 27 bags of carrots. Now I just have to try and use 2 bags a week and I should be out of carrots come harvest next year. Mr. Pickles maned the food saver last night for me and afterwards he had to read the instructions. I took a picture since I think he was checking up on what i was telling him but he wont admit

I also just have to show this onion.

Isn’t it just the most lovely onion ever....okay maybe not to everyone, but this is one of the onions from my garden that I cured and braided. Since they are in the same room and our cistern I was a little worried that the extra humidity might cause the onions to go bad quicker. However, this pretty little guy shows me that they are doing pretty darn good. That means that my first ever curing/braiding onions are a success!

And last but not least the thing that comes in and out of my kitchen more than anything else. Zada.....She watched me slice and blanch all the carrots thinking that she would get one if she was good. However once she realized that she didn't like carrots she went back to


  1. It's a good thing you had two helpers in the kitchen last night!

    I have never canned or frozen any carrots. Mine are in the refrigerator. I didn't have this year (or any year) for long term storage.

  2. Oh my dogs are all over the carrot shreds!! I have two hovering dogs every time I peel them and normally end up throwing them a handfull of what I normally put in the trash! Silly puppies!!

  3. Robin-Yes and luckily for me both were very

    I put about 10 purple haze carrots in the fridge. i just don't have enough room for anything more. And well after i peeled all of them i though shoot i should have put some in the fridge!

  4. Those carrots look lovely and so does that lone onion :o) I bet it makes something taste better.

  5. Great carrots! Your kitchen companion seems pretty great too.

  6. Your dog looks all worn out from waiting for those carrot treats! LOL!

    Nice batch of carrots for the freezer. It's always so nice to have them on hand for cooking during the dark days of winter.

  7. I am hugely impressed by your onion - my onion growing experience has been singularly unsuccessful to date, so actually growing one I find impressive let alone one as beautiful as yours.

  8. Gingerbreadhouse7- thank you and yes that onion made my stir fry 10 times better!

    Jody- thanks jody

    KitsapFG- Thank you. It is nice to have a taste of the garden in the winter. And yes she was very sleepy after all the

    Liz-Sorry to hear about your onion woes. I hope next year brings some nicer onions for you :)

  9. Hi! I'm a new follower. That is a lot of carrots! I bet you will have a lot of yummy dishes with those. Nice onion too. :)


  10. Lynn- thanks for following! I don't think i will be buying any fresh carrots this winter for


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