Ghastlie Blog Hop Day 8/ garden week 29

Tomorrow is my day on the blog hop! I am so excited to finally reveal what I made. However, before that happens I figured I better do my weekly update today since tomorrow post is going to be long enough as it is!

So week 29 what can I say. Nothing much changed from last week. The temperatures are staying pretty cool. Today it is 11C and the long term forecast is showing the daytime high for the next 7 days to be around 3C. They are also calling for snow this week-end. I hope it passes or if it doesn’t that it goes away. Winters in Saskatchewan are long enough so any extra days without snow are a blessing.

The garden still looks like this. Mr. Pickles hasn’t gotten any further with the tilling. This is another reason why we cannot get snow

I am in the process of changing the layout of my garden. From what I have seen online I think that shorter rows may be the option. So instead of one 30ft row of lettuce I would do 2 15ft rows or 3 10ft rows or well you get the picture. Hmmmm 6 5ft rows might be the magic number though.
Next year I think I am going to try and grow a few things on trellises. The cucumbers take up so much space so going vertical may be the answer. I would also like to try growing the peas like that too. However, the problem is if I have more space then I will have more room to plant more things!  Anyone have any suggestions on what to plant?

And Now for something completely different

Wednesday November 2nd
Day 8

Tuesdays winner was Jacqueline won from Grammasheri's

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See you at the Hop tomorrow!!!


  1. I'm thinking the same thing for next season for my garden -- more trellises, and more early greens. Then I can rotate in a second crop come summer.

  2. Trellises are really great to grow a lot of veggies on. I have so little space here at the house that I trellis a lot.

    Can't wait to see what you made!

  3. theacademe- thanks for stopping by. Great minds think a like :)

    Robin- After seeing your garden and few others with amazing veggies on trellises i couldn't stop myself from thinking i should give it a try too!


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