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Wow it is the 21st of November already. Where does the time go! I still haven’t started any of the Christmas projects I wanted to make and there are still no decorations up in the house. Well that is a lie there are now 5 little ornaments up..But that is it.

I have an update on my Peace Lilly. She isn’t dead, but the lone leaf is starting to turn brown. I am not sure if a new leaf is going to spring up in time either so this might be the end for my ole plant. I am going to hit up a pet store today anyhow and pick up a beta to put in it. I figure any little bit might help!

On Saturday we drove in to see my Parents, which may seem boring to most. However, since Mr. Pickles use to work till 11pm every night and never got an evening off it is something we have never really been able to do. It was nice to feel like normal people again!

When we arrived we got treated to another exciting event. While on a visit to Tennessee back in October my mom bought an Accuquilt Go fabric cutter. Since they flew back and their friends drove back it took until now for the Go! to come home. It was so exciting to try it out!

When we were done experimenting my mother told me she wouldn’t be using it till after Christmas so I could take it home with me and use it until she wants it back....YIEPPIE. This now means two things. One I am going to have to find some patterns for the die that came with it and cut out a bunch before I have to return it. Two it means that I am going to have to buy her some dies and accessories to go with it. The problem with the last one is that there isn’t a store I can buy accuquilt products at in Saskatchewan and I am not sure what dies or accessories to buy her. 


  1. They may have some places listed in the back of the magazine that you can order from..Or probably every other page :o)

  2. Do you have a JoAnn's? They carry a few dies and has them at a good price.


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