Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Our little pickle

Here is our birth story....the not so short short version
On March 13th at 11:40am I went into labour with contractions starting at 5mins a part. By the time Mr. P made it home and we drove into the city they were at 3pm they were 3 mins apart. Once we were checked in and put into the admissions room my contractions were already 2 mins apart and with in the next 30 mins they moved to 1mins apart and my water broke while Mr.P was out moving the car into the hospital parking lot. By the time the Dr came to see how far along I was the contractions were 30seconds apart and they moved me into the delivery room.
 Although we initially planed on a natural birth since I was only 4cm dilated and the contractions were coming too close together I opted for an epidural. The dr was one step ahead of me and was already waiting for me. However, it took a little more time than I would have liked to get the drugs since the hospital was still working on my paper work. Things were going a little too fast and I was already in the delivery room before I was fully admitted.
For the next 6 hours our little one pushed up against my pelvis trying to get out, but my body wasn't dilating fast enough. By 11:20 pm things began to take a turn for the worse and I developed a high fever and the babies heart rate jumped to 200bpm. At that time I was only 7cm dilated and the doctor thought things were getting too risky for me and the baby so they had to do an emergency C-section.
Although they moved very quickly and by 11:30 I was already being taken to the OR my body was going through shock. The fact that my panic attacks started at the moment my legs started to go numb too made things pretty awful. I was shaking, couldn't get warm, delirious and on top of all of that puking. For the whole procedure I was vomiting and shaking so badly that the dr kept saying he was sorry there was nothing more they could do for me. So needless to say it wasn't the magical experience that I was hoping for. I thought if things got to that point I would still be okay and holding Mr.P's hand waiting for the medical team to bring our little one into the world. Not moaning and trying my best not to puke. I couldn't even look to the right were Mr.P was or I would puke all over the place so I just had to close my eyes and well....cry. It felt like the worst hangover of my life while freezing outside.
At 11:53pm they pulled the baby from me and we didn't hear the typical cry you see in the movies or hear about and I thought something was wrong. However, moments later a little squeak came from the back of the OR and the nurse came over to tell us we had a healthy little girl.
At that point I said(Mr.P said I yelled) no no no you are wrong we are supposed to be having a boy. To that the nurse said...Nope its a girl. They brought our daughter over to Mr. P and I was still so out of it I couldn't even turn my head in his direction to look at her. It was such a horrible feeling and experience. Although I this was supposed to be the best moment of my life I felt like my little boy had died. Mix that feeling with the mystery infection my body was fighting along with my body being in shock and well surgery like I said before it wasn't the magical experience I had thought it would be.
 A good 45 mins later they took me to the recovery room and finally I was able to ask Mr.P to show me the baby, and she was just perfect.
The hours, days and weeks that followed her birth did not go as planed either, but more on that later. Both mommy, daddy and baby are doing well despite all that happened
Nonetheless, although things didn't go as planed she is truly a blessing from God and we both love her dearly
Here is our little pickle at her one month birthday