It’s beginning to look like SPRING!

The snow is starting to melt.... granted as I took this picture this morning it is snowing, but not enough to stick around hopefully.

The garden is slowly starting to awake from its winter sleep, however it will likely be sometime before things dry up and all the frost is out of the ground. This is Saskatchewan after all it we could still be in for a few more snow storms! Mr. Pickles does have the manure all ready to go at the farm though so the sooner we can work that stuff in the better.

While we were in the city yesterday for my Dr Appointment we did a bit of seed shopping to help cheer me up. Although initially maddening since I didn’t bring my seed list with me it was fun to look through everything and buy lots of seed packets!

I ended up buying a few packages of the wrong seeds and forgot about a few others, but for the most part I think I bought everything that I needed plus a few more..LOL
I didn’t buy any tomato seeds since this is my first year starting seed inside. I think if everything I start early this year survives and produces well I will give it a try next year. However for the 2012 growing season I am going to by my tomato plants from the greenhouse!

So now I better get my garden plan....planed!

Take care


  1. I try to stay away from the seed racks as I buy my seed mostly from catalogs. I tend to get sucked in with the pretty pictures. If I do it from my computer I have more willpower.

  2. I've never known anyone to grow tomatoes from seeds, my mom always just bought tomato plants at the store. Have fun gardening!

  3. I love buying seeds and always have moments of "ooh, what are those, I really should try them" :) I get mine online, which you would think would be safer, but there's a much larger variety, so it's not. I really miss it this year, especially as I've been getting the seed catalogues arriving in my mail

  4. Seeds can become an addiction! Looks like you did very well controlling yourself! Now let's hope for no more snow for you!

  5. I like fast results so I normally buy from the co-op here. I also check every other seed display I can find. I seldom order online.

  6. I purchased tons of seeds so I'm trying to germinate tomato & pepper seeds now. First time at this endeavor, so we'll see how it goes. Glad I've started early, if I'm not successful I can buy starters.


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