NewFO March

Wow can you believe it is March 31st already!!! Well you should because it is!
As you may recall I am taking part in the NewFo challenge over at CatPatches. For this challenge all you have to do is start something new. You do not have to finish it; just start something new to create a few Unfinished Objects of UFO’s as they are known in the quilting community.

I didn’t start a whole heck of a lot for myself this month something that I am trying to change. However I did get my St.Patty’s day mini started. I have shown it a few times so you can see it HERE.

I also started the mystery quilt for the Christmas 2012 quilt a long that you can read about HERE

So there you go not a whole lot now is it. I think I need to make a list of projects I would like to start. I remember typing one out but I cannot seem to find it on my blog...I think that is a sign that I post too often...LOL Nonetheless I have picked out what my  newFO for April is going to be....I am going to start working on my framed Pinwheel quilt. For group two of the We BeeLearning Bee I asked everyone to make me a framed pinwheel and now that all of the blocks have come in I am going to start working on it. I have made the decision to not use sashing as I think it will take away from the pinwheels, but I am still undecided on a I am asking for your help which do you think works best.

Option one. I just layed them down randomly

Option 2 I put some thought into it

Option 3 colours on the diagonal

Option 4 colours in rows

I also had two lovely ladies (Jody and Nita) send me extra squares. So Should I use them in the backing of make 2 more of my own to go with them in the quilt? If so what colours?

I hope everyone is having a lovely week-end and make sure you head on over to Cat Patches to see what else everyone has started! 


  1. Hmmm Have to say that they all look good, but if I was going to pick on I would pick the Random and I would also make one more block and add it to the front to make it just a bit bigger...but I am also not opposed to added it to the backing. :) WOW I guess this didn't really help..hahaha

  2. Gosh. I can't pick a favorite. They all look good to me. I might give it a sashing.

  3. Ok I will confuse things a little more..LOL..
    I would pick option #2 BUT switch around the black and blue block with the pinkish/ blue one above the darker blocks are on a diagonal.

  4. I like Barbara's suggestions of a sashing w/ cornerstones - will really set them off. And any setting looks wonderful - I'm for blocks on the back.

  5. I think I like Option 3 the best but they all look good.

  6. Having a hard time picking as well ... I love the look of option 3 too ... but am curious what a sashing would look like too ... So pretty!!!

  7. I would say that I choose option no 4 and the two additional blocks to use in the backing... Beautiful!!

  8. I like the random layout. And never ask if you should make more blocks--the answer is always yes unless you already have a size in mind for the finished quilt. On the other hand extra blocks make great labels too!


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