Cold room tally for March 2012

Last week I posted everything that I made and still had left downstairs in the cold room. However, I didn’t have exact numbers on what I had left just a list of what I preserved in 2011. I went down this morning to get the actual numbers so I could update my spread sheet and although there is not as much as I thought there is still A LOT.  So here we go

 Jams and jellys
Saskatoon Jam 17
Saskatoon Sundae tp 15
Stoon/Rhubarb jam 17
Red Pepper Jelly 6
Zucchini peach Jam 15
Thai dipping Sauce 7
saskatoon freezer jam 5
Saskatoon Jelly 3
 Crabapple Jelly 14

Fridge pickles 40
Dill Pickles 4
Zucchini Relish 17
Pickled beans 13
Beets 13
Split bread and butter 9
Cucumber Relish 9
Dill Slices 7
Zest bread N butter 8
Pickled Cauliflower 7
Red Root Relish 5

Tomato Products:
Whole Tomatoes 6
Salsa Red 12
Tomato Sauce 11

poatoes 5

Saskatoon fruit 3
Saskatoon fruit w rum 3
Cranberry Juice 2
SourCherry sundae tp10
Saskatoon pie filling 10
Crabapple Butter 7

As you can see there is quite a bit left, but I think we have put a good dent on some things. This also gives me a good idea on what to plant more of or less of for this growing season.  I also thinking I am going to be tossing a lot of the fridge pickles out since they look slimy and well most of them are in the cold room and not the I did process them and they have enough vinegar to kill anything, but I still think they might get tossed.
Next week I am going to go through my freezer and see exactly how much I still have frozen from the 2011 harvest. I am thinking it is a lot less than I watch it be WAY MORE

Take care


  1. I am so envious of all your saskatoon yumminess. We rarely see them here in BC, but they are my favourite berry ever!

  2. I think you are in good shape! You never know what this year will bring.

  3. I have never planted a garden yet, but it is on the list..not sure it will happen this year though :)

  4. mmmmm sorry I am still stuck at pickled beets! One of my favorites!


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