2012 NewFO challenge-February addition


Today is the day that we are suppose to be showing off the NewFo’s that we started in the past month for the NewFo Challenge over at CatPatches. However, I didn’t get as far as I would have hoped in either of my project. However, I guess that is okay since this is not a challenge to get projects done, but just to start something new every month.

My big NewFo was going to be my Valentines heart Quilt, but I finished it....LOL

One of my new projects is a pumpkin wall hanging. All I have done with that is cut some of the fabric. It has a lot of appliqué and since I have never done it before I have been too afraid to start. So this is as far as I have gotten.

The other NewFo is a baby quilt. I was all gung ho to get this one finished this month until I decided not to make it for the person that I was going to give it to. I bought a kit so all I have done it cut my strips in half and pair them with the other strips in colour combo’s I like. They will eventually be sewed together in pairs, cut, and then become 4patch blocks or something of the sort.

I do have one more NewFo' my mini quilt for the name game swap. However, since it now has the name of the person who is getting it on it.....I can't really show it. Since I am also unhappy with it I don't think I will be showing it either....Lol We'll see sometime after you leave it for a bit you come back and wonder how you could have ever hated it...I hope that is the case!

So there you go a couple of starts, but not as much progress as I would have liked. Make sure you go over to Cat Patches to see what everyone else has started this month


  1. Sweet projects. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great starts to your projects. I think starting is half the battle. Joyful creating...

  3. LOVE the fabrics for the baby quilt to be, that's going to be pretty with those colors.

  4. I like the colors on your baby quilt. It is going to turn out lovely!


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