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Today I am linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced and @The Needle and Thread Network.  Make sure you hop on over there and see what everyone else is working on too.
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Okay so when I last posted my WIP a couple of weeks ago this is what I had that needed to be done for February. I have updated everything with what has been done

Current WIP or things that need to get done in February are
Weeks 3,4,5,6 of the Sew Happy Geek QAL – Weeks 3 and 4 printed plan to cut out this evening
We Bee learning group one block for Shilo – Done and mailed on the 22nd

We Bee learning group two block for Danielle- Done and mailed on the 22nd

Bee Creative 2012 block for Josie- Done and Mailed on the 15th

Wonky Bee block for Georgia – Done and mailed on the 15th

Wonky bee Block for Jodi – Package came today will start working on it this week.She is requesting a wonky strip block and sent us the strips and the instructions!

International Stashes block for Katy- Fabric cut, ready to assemble this evening

Valentines mini quilt – DONE!!! If you would like to vote for it (number 38) over at the Valentine's Day Showcase After Party over  at SewBitterSweet designs please feel free to do so J

Baby Quilt – Still looking at the kit and wrestling with the idea of how you make something for someone that has made it clear they hate you. I am sure the quilt will end up never being used or in the garbage.....but its family so I don’t know....hmmmm

Name Game Swap mini quilt – Quilt assembled, still need to stitch on name and quilt

Log cabin quilt – machine sew on binding- no progress
Log cabin Christmas quilt – need to sandwich and start quilting- no progress

So there you go that is what I have been up to the past 2 weeks. It didn’t feel like a lot, but now that I looks back I a pretty proud of myself

Take Care


  1. You are getting lots done. Love your blocks.

  2. You seem pretty busy to me! Tough call on the baby quilt...I feel for you. Maybe put make it with the baby in mind, but put it away in case someday things change. Or donate it to a good cause -children's hospital or receiving home or as a raffle for a worthy fundraiser (animal shelter, etc). I've also blogged today about my works in progress (www.celebrationsbellydance.com). Wednesday's are great, eh? Happy stitches!

  3. Wait a second...you are making a quilt for someone who openly dislikes you? That's incredibly generous of you. I like Nita's suggestions. Make it and put it away until you can give it to the child his/herself or even better, donate it to a child that needs it.

    I would not be able to make and give away a quilt that I thought wouldn't be loved. Too much work and life is too short. You are a better person than I! :)

  4. It may not have felt like a lot, but it certainly looks like a lot!

  5. wow..you have been busy!!
    I voted for your valentine :)
    Baby quilt???? A lot of work if it is not appreciated...maybe something quick like a fleece blanket..try that "self-binding" blanket...they are cute and fast to make.

  6. I think I need to do this to keep me on track! You are sure there! PS I don't think i would make something for someone who does not like me, family or no! Just sayin! If they don't like you they don't deserve you!!

  7. Love all your blocks, but not your plan to make a baby quilt that won't be used.
    Life is too short to make things that are not appreciated by persons who don't like us.
    I suggest that if you must give a gift choose something that will be used up, such as a big bag of diapers. And make that quilt for another baby....

  8. I had a situation like yours where my SIL hated me. I figured she'd get over it and all would be forgotten so I behaved as if that were more or less already the case. I think it made her hate me even more because I seemed to be taking the high road and perhaps she felt it made her look bad. In any case, her extreme anger hate her up and she ended up with cancer and dying. If I had to do it over, and I felt I needed to make something for the baby, who doesn't have anything to do with the disagreement, I think I'd make something like the self-binding blanket - handmade and ultra useful. A quilt has too much love in it and makes the hater raw

  9. You are super busy ,lots of great blocks. As for the baby quilt , I agree with some of the others ,making a quilt is a lot of work and if it doesn't get used that would be such a shame , why not just buy something for the baby and make the quilt for someone who will appreciate it and love it . Good luck with your situation ,been there .


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