Sewing Saturday

Handmade by Heidi

Last night I took part in the Friday Night Sew In. I ended up only having 2 hours to spend sewing, however since that is about all I can take at one time it was 2 hours well spent. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, but I am happy with the results of what I made. The seam ripper didn’t even come out once...AMAZING but true...LOL

Okay so what did I end up making you may ask or not, but I am telling you anyhow so here we go.

First I completed my February block for group 2 of the We Bee Learning Bee.  Danielle had requested a log cabin and provided us with a nice an easy tutorial to make it the way she wanted. Her only requirement for colour was that the middle square be black and that the square should be girly. I had lent all my pinks to my mother so she could make her block. I was tempted to just do the exact same thing as her...but I thought that wasn’t too nice since Danielle would have two block the same. So I just used a few of the same fabrics and came up with this.

I think it might be a bit darker than the other ones being made and maybe a bit too busy, but I like it nonetheless. It was a really easy block to make. The only thing I didn’t care for was that I tried to press all my seams open. Using some tips from the lovely ladies in my bee it went a lot smoother than before, however I couldn’t get them to lie flat so the block won’t lay flat for me now either....oh well!

I then made 3 signature blocks. Two for my and one for my mother since she forgot to make one before giving me the block to send off. I know how to spell her last name and I know where she lives so it was easy enough..LOL
Sorry hid the name left the province

To finish the night I completed the top for my mini quilt for a swap I am in. I thought that I was almost done it however when I went to finish it I realized all I had done was drawn a picture and picked out fabric....!!! It didn’t take me long to put the whole thing together. I think it may be too simple, but she wanted something modern and this is all I could come up with. I just need to quilt this baby and then she is ready to send off. Any suggestions on how to quilt it? Sorry the picture is a little dark!!

So there you go that is what I got accomplished in the FNSI. Make sure you click the link and check out what other people from around the world were working on last night.

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  1. You got all that done in 2 hours! That is fantastic. I love your log cabin block - the colors are really pretty :)

  2. For a two hour window you got a bit done!! I think straight lines for sure on quilting that mini...every "Modern" Quilt I see these days seems to have lots and lots of straight lines :)
    Congrats on a great FNSI!!

  3. Ooh! Forging mom's signature! I've NEVER done that before...snicker, snicker! You got some cute stuff done, my dear!

  4. Great job - that's a lot for only 2 hours. I love all of the different color choices you're using.

  5. Everything is soooo pretty! Naturally, I loooove my block!! :) Thank you so much!!

  6. You got a lot done in 2 hours. I love some of the fabrics you used too. Very pretty.

  7. I think since it is supposed to be modern go with straight lines, but NOT along the seams! You know random and crissy crossy!! !

  8. What a pretty color combination. I love the look of the log cabin blocks. THey can show off so many fabrics!

  9. It's so nice to see bright cheery colors in winter. Great blocks.


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