Christmas QAL 2012

I am late I am late for a very important date!!

This morning I was going through my Christmas fabric thinking of that I could work on for the Christmas QAL 2012 that is starting today. I ended up getting lost in my room and then as I was about to start sewing I thought what the heck am I doing working with Christmas fabric!!! I forgot to write a post today and came to the kitchen to write me sewing Saturday post. ....LOL Idiot. I only remembered that today was the start of the Christmas QAL 2012 after I started reading posts on it....oh my. Maybe Mr. Pickles spiked my morning smoothie!
So I am a bit late to the party and wasted a post I could have used for tomorrow.....but oh well you will be getting a lot from me today

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So what is the Christmas QAL? It is a QAL that happen the 2nd Saturday of every month. It gives us all a chance to work on our Christmas projects though out the year. This year there is going to be a different hostess each month and a mystery quilt! You don’t have to make the quilt...just whatever you want, but you get to link up your work and make a few posts throughout the day on your progress. I sat on the sidelines last year, but this year I am taking part!

This month’s hostess is Hazel over at Hazel Quilts and she has the linky party all set up and there are a ton of ladies already posting. I will be updating throughout the rest of the day on what I am doing and linking up! Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas!!!


  1. See - you didn't forget at all - plenty of time left! I laughed at the idea of Mr P spiking your smoothie!

  2. Hello, welcome to the party. You're really not late, it's Hazel and I, who live in the UK, who are early!

  3. There's no such thing as late with so many different time zones. Sounds like you sure had a whirlwind morning though.

  4. WHAT!! Christmas already! Nope not Dec 17th yet! LOL I have plenty of time!! hehe


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