House plants part III

I am not having the best of luck with my house plants...yet again. If you remember back in November I showed you a couple of my plants and how they were not doing that great. My lovely water plant has all but died. I don’t want to though it away since I have had it for over 10 years and it meant so much to me...but it is dead. Right now it is in the laundry room. The stem looks okay, but there are no leaves...

My bamboo is starting to yellow. I think I need to put it into a larger pot. It’s just so tall

I don't know what kind of plant this is....but after 4 years it is blooming! I think that is a success story!

This is my cane plant. I had it in the living room and the leaves were starting to yellow, turn brown and die so figured it wasn’t getting enough light. We moved it into the kitchen in December and now I think it is doing worse than before. I am not sure what to do to help it!

This is the latest addition to my brown thumb house plant collection. All it says on the card that came with it is assorted foliage so I am not sure what it is. It was doing okay for about a week and then the ends started turned brown. It has a lot of light, it watered regularly and I have no idea how I am killing it.

At this rate I don't know if I should start growing seeds for the garden they might all die before its time to get them in the

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  1. I just toss my houseplants in the dishwasher a couple of times a year. Of course, none of mine are living, breathing, real plants. I also have a brown thumb with indoor plants, I can kill them faster than anyone!

  2. I consider myself a success I brought my peace lilly back from the dead!! Well I cut off 93% of it and the last little bit was just begining to grow and now it is thriving! Is that OK???

  3. Oh, how sad. I've no green thumb help either. I do know that most plants enjoy getting a sip of my left over black coffee when it's too cool for me to want to drink anymore. Good luck Mrs. Pickles!

  4. I kill houseplants too. I used to really try with them. But in the last decade I've only had one. A aloe plant that was from a plant my lab partner had in college. Yup that is the only plant I've succeeded in keeping alive in the house for any length of time. But I've had it for decades. I can neglect it for at least a month and it still lives. I do remember to water it occasionally. When I moved to this house it almost died, but I divided it and it seems to be living again. Whoot! I would hate to lose it since I need it when I burn myself in the kitchen. It is a very useful plant.

  5. You have company. I managed to kill a jade plant I had for over 15 years, it was a sad day.


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