Sewing Saturday

I didn’t get much done last night to show for Sewing Saturday. However I have Mr. Pickles to blame for that. Yesterday morning Mr. Pickles decide that we should drive 1 hour to Prince Albert to check out the fabric store there to see if they had some better fabric choices. Since there were great buy 1m get 3 free deals in Saskatoon he said we would be stupid not to go. I didn’t need anything else so I had said no....but then I thought what in the heck am I thinking I am being given the chance to buy more fabric and I am saying no. So we ended up driving north at 4:30pm.

However things as always didn’t go quite as we had hoped for. Firstly the store closed at 6pm...on a Friday so we only had 30mins to looks around. Secondly they were cheap at this store and only offered buy 1 get one free on all quilting fabric? You would think since it was the same store that they would offer the same deal, but no. So that was disappointing especially since all of their fabric was 20-25 dollars. So it wasn’t even the same price as the fabric in Saskatoon. I figured we should just leave, however Mr.P said that since we made the trip up I should at least by a few about being an enabler..Lol I was then confronted with the problem that I didn’t know what I wanted. I try to just buy for projects that I know I want to make, however I had done that on Thursday. Since I didn’t think we were actually going to make the drive to P.A I didn’t plan ahead and try to find things I would like to make so that I would at least have a plan of attack in the I just wonder around trying to just buy things that” caught my eye”, but nothing really
The only redeeming factor to our trip was that I noticed the bolts of fabric were marked differently at this store. In Saskatoon everything just said Quilt land or Craft cotton. Here in addition to those markings on the bolts there were also labels that said, bertanex, Red Rooster, Andover and Henry Glass. I then became a fabric snob and thought holy cow these are “designer” names I should put my blots away and buy these. So I then proceeded to check the blots I was holding and found out they were Henry Glass and Red Rooster. Since it was almost 6 and I am still cheap I just took what I had and went to the cutting table. I ended up saving 50 dollars and when I got home and compare them online I ended up saving an additional 20 bucks. So that made my day.

Here are my lovely purchases

I did end up getting one block for one of the bee’s I am in partly finished yesterday and done this morning. This is the January Block for Jennifer in the International Stashes Bee. It is suppose to be based on a wonky log cabin, but I just couldn’t get the wonky juices You start with one 6inch red square and then add different sized strips to each side in pairs until you get a 16x16 block. You then cut up that block and add more strips.... I think I needed to vary my colours and sizes a bit more.

This is the block before cutting

This is the block after cutting. 

A few of the rows are a bit wonky but everything else is Every time I would see something wonky I would say nope that doesn’t look good and adjust
I hope she still likes it. It is going in the mail all the way to Switzerland today.

What was everyone else up to today?


  1. if only I could get my DH to say...let's go to the fabric store..HAHAH.. HE considers it torture when I make him go. :) I got some of my lemon blocks finished and have decided I need to make another set of 3 each so I can add a couple more rows to the top. And I am working on a little valentine's kit I bought last fall. Should be cute. Will post pix soon on blog. Any sign yet of your wonky package???

  2. PS.. I love those fabrics you found!

  3. Great fabric and I can't believe you didn't want to go at first! If my husband suggested that I would jump in the car immediately! He is a keeper!

  4. I think the wonky log cabin looks great. A little wonk goes a long way!

  5. I think your wonky looks great! I am doing no sewing today!!!! My Very dear friend from Wisconsin is coming in town and I cant wait till she gets here! I need a good friend right about now and oh, she is the medicine I need!! Great deal on the fabric!!

  6. Great fabric bundle. The two blues and the two grey/black on the right should def end up together in a quilt. Actually, all 6 look like they could work well together


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