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Well today is my first day posting in Bloggers new format....and I must say I don't care for it one bit. I like to think that I respond relatively well to technological changes, but this I am not loving. I am sure that once I play around a bit I will get use to it; however it just feels a lot less user friendly. Case and point I have just spend 2 hours trying to get my garden plan to upload to this post and let’s just say I don't think it is going to work. This is disappointing since I spent all that time typing it out! I even tried uploading the document to Google documents, but it won’t display properly either....oh boy this has been a great way to waste a

So here we go again.... this year I am planting my garden east/west instead of north/south in hopes to just change things up a bit and see if I can get a bit more in. In addition I think this will result in a lot less wasted veggies.

I am planning on making 10x10 plots with in the garden. I will be able to get 3 plots in widthwise and 9 lengthwise...I think. So the plots will go lengthwise 1  4 7 10 13 16 19 22. then  2  5 8 11 14 17 20 23 then 3  6 9 12 15 18 21 24 I hope that makes sense! It wont even let me use the tab button to put things into I am sure none of this makes sense!                                                                         

Plot 1 onions-pickling                                       
Plot 2 onion sets-white                              
Plot 3 onion sets- red, Leeks   

Plot 4 Spinach, pak choi, broccoli
Plot 5 Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli    
Plot 6 Brussels Sprouts, spinach, pak choi   

Plot 7 Potatoes- Yukon    
Plot 8 potatoes=russet
Plot 9 sweet potatoes

 Plot 10 Beets   
Plot 11 Kohlrabi  
Plot 12 Parsnips/turnips    
plot 13 carrots    
Plot 14 peas                                          
Plot 16 lettuce,rashishes

plot 15 g beans, broad beans, edamame, eggplant         
Plot 17 Tomatoes                            
Plot 18 lettuce      
Plot 19 Tomato      
Plot 20 tomato             
Plot 21 tomato     

Plot 22 Cucumbers
plot 23 spaghetti Squash
plot 24 pumpkin/butternutt      

I am also going to have 2 raises herb gardens at the edge of the garden followed by raspberries and strawberries. Plot one will start right next to the strawberries.

So there you go not as pretty as I had wanted it to be and a lot more confusing and it has now wrecked my If anyone thinks something is out of place or that I should move something around let me know.

Take care


  1. I agree that the new format is NOT as user friendly. I've been trying it out for a couple of days and have to search for everything! Frustrating!
    Your garden is going to be wonderful! I have been extending my flower bed around the patio (which meant putting in a retaining wall on the slope), but the temperatures the last 3 days have been 90 F. !!! I have plants in pots ready to put in the ground that are wilting despite daily watering. I hope this doesn't mean we're in for another 100+ summer!

  2. I am still on the old format...wonder how long that will last??
    Your garden sounds great..and yes it all made sense.
    I spent the afternoon out in the back yard cleaning up. I still have bits of snow in the back yard though! The tulips are just peeking out.

  3. Wow you have 2400 sqft of gardening space. That is so huge. I guess I'm used to my tiny plots.

  4. Wow that is a lot of planting. I used to have a largish veg plot when my kids were small but I now only grow a few things. Otherwise I have too much waste. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your garden as it gets going:)

  5. I haven't tried the new format...afraid Hope they leave me alone with the old one..

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your garden grow! One day I'd live to have a small one. I have a lot to learn first.

  7. Can you please come plan my garden!!! Please!

  8. Oh, you have your work cut out for you! Can't wait to see grown pics! I think Tomato plants are pretty when they are bursting with fruit! :)

  9. I haven't tried the new format and don't plan to.

    Boy, you definitely have one huge garden! I think you are going to be very very busy!!


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