What am I trying to do you may ask yourself........well I am trying to get back into the swing of things and failing...LOL Oh well I just have to get my butt into gear and once I actually start doing something instead of stressing out making lists and not getting anything done I think I will find that there is not a lot that needs to get done....if that makes sense that is...

It is finally starting to feel like spring here with temperatures hitting 25C yesterday! For those of you not from Saskatchewan we usually only hit numbers like that in the summer so it was a nice break. The crazy weather people are still calling for low temps and maybe even snow next week so we better enjoy the warm weather while we can.

The grass is starting to turn green and I should be able to go out and mow it in a few days. I LOVE MOWING the lawn so I am very excited about this...LOL

The tulips are just starting to form and should be blooming in another week or two

The stupid dandelions are up already....this one was killed after the picture...LOL

The garden is still a bit wet, but the weeds are starting to grow so we and by we I mean Mr.P are going to have to till it up soon.

I don’t have much to report on my poor little seedlings. I haven’t killed them, however they went over to my MIL during our vacation and Mr. Pickles thinks they should stay there. He doesn’t seem to understand that they are my seedlings and I want to grow them. So we shall see how that turns out.

Take care


  1. Don't touch those dandelions. lol Nah I pull them out too. I love them, but only in the lawn. And since I leave them in the lawn they will go to seed and get everywhere.

  2. it always amazing me that those dandelions can survive anything!! Why cant poppies or buttercups be like that????

  3. I am not a big fan of mowing - that is a job solely reserved for my hubs but I actually don't mind weeding too much - I get a big sense of satisfaction ripping them out of my yard :)

  4. I hear that upstate New York got like three inches the other day! SHEESH and we hit 80 yesterday! It had been SO crazy nice outside and I find it harder and ahrder to work on stuff inside! I need a machine I can set up outside! LOL that way I can enjoy the weather nad sew at the same time! :)


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