Sewing Saturday-Garden edition

Yesterday we went to the city to attend mass followed by a lovely meal at my parents. This meant that I didn't get any sewing done. However I am trying to get a few Easter projects done today if I can get my butt away from the computer that is. Therefore the sewing that I am posting about today is in the garden.

On Thursday I finally got around to planting my seeds. I don’t think I am too late as there is still a month and a half before I will be able to plant them in the garden. Now I just have to hope that everything comes up!

This is a picture of the Jiffy pellets. I should have taken a before picture since the little disks start off at a 1/4inch tall and after you add water they expand to 1.5inches tall. I thought it was pretty neat and kept cheering when they

I ended up planting 172 seedlings in 3 different trays

In tray 1 I have 30 cabbage, 30 leek and 12 Brussels sprouts
In tray 2 I have 20 broccoli, 20 cauliflower and only 10 pickling onions
In tray 3 I have 5 spaghetti squash, 5 pumpkin, 5 oregano, 5 mint, 5 purple basil, 5 sweet basil, 5 parsley, 5 artichokes, 5 Hungarian yellow wax peppers and 5 egg plant.

Now I didn’t really know how much to plant of everything. I usually just sew everything direct in a 30 ft row and whatever comes up comes up. So I am sure that I plant more in the garden than listed above, however it seems like A LOT. Last year I bought 6 cabbage the 30 that I am going to plant this year may be too many. It is kind of a learning curve for me this year so we shall see what happens. I tried to go by my garden plan and times the spacing by how long my rows are and then seeded that many...It made sense in my head and I hope that it works out when it comes time to plant...LOL

I still have a few other things that I think I would like to start indoors. However, they all say direct sew into the garden on the packages so maybe I will leave them be. I think the above will give me a good start on having at least 2 harvests of everything instead of everything just being ready come July...fingers crossed!!

Okay off to do some more sewing


  1. I hope you got it right. I usually plant a couple of extra seedlings. Then I have to toss them when they don't fit. I hate that.

  2. Good luck with the Jiffy thingies. I'm never very lucky with them for some reason. Lots of cabbage=coleslaw in our house. I was surprised at how much of the stuff my family will eat..LOL


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