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Today is the first yesteryear linky party over at Quilt Monster in MyCloset. Christine, the lovely blog hostess thought I would be a great idea to pull some neglected projects out of our closets and give them life again. The only rules are that it should be something that you haven’t worked on in a long time so long that years have passed and you forgot you had it... and that you have to have fun...the last one is a MUST J So make sure you go on over to the linky party and see what projects people have been dusting off!
Quilt Monster in my Closet

Okay the next part is a long story so I give you permission to just scroll down and look at the pictures or just move onto another blog....LOL

I haven’t been quilting for long. I took a class with my mother almost 4 years ago (wow time flies) on how to make a log cabin quilt. A few months before that we took a class teaching us how to sew! The top came together pretty easy over the course of two months and two quilting classes, however we were never taught how to quilt it or do binding. So when it came time to quilt the log cabin it coincided with me starting to take a medication. It was horrible I couldn’t see or think straight and kept falling over, the medication which I soon went off of made my life a mess. So that feeling was the feeling I associated with quilting and I did not like that feeling. Every time I thought hey I should finish that quilt I would remember that feeling and wouldn’t even enter into my craft room. That led to 4 years of me collecting quilting magazines, books, a wee bit of fabric here and there, I even joined a BOM, but never actually sewed anything. I couldn’t feel like that again so I let my illness win.

Now spring forward to 2011 when I rediscovered blogging and found the wonderful world of quilting blogs. I was so inspired by all of the wonderful work and surprised to see that a lot of the blocks were not as hard to make as I had thought. Out of the blue I joined a blog hop since I thought it would force me to sew something  and although that horrible feeling tried to stop me at the door I jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back since.  Now it’s still hard being sick and wanting to accomplish much more than my body can handle. Some days I win, most days IT wins, but the fact  is I am trying my best and you can’t knock that.

Okay so long story short I hope that explains how I have only been quilting since November 2011 and yet have projects that are from 2008....LOL

So here is my neglected log cabin from 2008. I think I need to do a bit more quilting and then I just have to sew the binding on. The binding is all cut, sewn together and ready to go. So this will be my first Yesteryear quilting project. My goal is to have to done to show off for the May 5th linky party!
its a little wrinkly since it has been folder up for so long!

My second neglected project is the Block of the Month that I joined last year. I thought it was going to be the kick I needed to start sewing again. However, the blocks were not matching up and it caused me more aggravation then it was worth so I just collected the envelopes every month cried that I wasn’t smart enough to make them and stuffed them in a box. When Christine posted about her new linky party I thought this would be the perfect time to start up on that again. I finished Jan, Feb, and March last year and worked on April and May this month. I have to tell you that after taking part in a few bee’s and getting my sewing mojo back these blocks are coming together A LOT easier that I could have imagined!!!
XO is January, the too short outer rows are Feb, the little block is March and  those are my

The april block we just had to sew a purple block onto the march block above. Sew 1/4 seam all the way around, draw and X on the back and then cut on the X. It was a little scary to try, but it worked out

For May we are making stems and leaves these should get flowers I am guessing next month...LOL

So there you go those are my two projects that I am going to try and work on and showcase.
Until next time


  1. Way to go !! If that log cabin is your very first quilt, I am impressed. (and embarrassed to show mine LOL)
    Those blocks look great!

  2. love the colors of your log cabin! GLad you are joining us!

  3. Great first quilt! My first was a log cabin but I tried to hand sew one many years ago because I did not have, nor did I know how to use, a machine. Needless to say it is not worth trying to finish!

  4. Great first quilt! My first was a log cabin but I tried to hand sew one many years ago because I did not have, nor did I know how to use, a machine. Needless to say it is not worth trying to finish!

  5. Thanks for LINKING up!!! Your Log Cabin looks great! Look forward to seeing it all finished by the next linky Too :) Awesome First Quilt!!!

  6. Wow Mrs. P. You jumped in with both feet and then ran out as fast as you could...and who could blame you. But I think it's wonderful that you found your way back again. Your log cabin is an awesome start quilt! And I love those BOMs! You go girl!!!

  7. I like the log cabin! And if you are going to have a pic of the toes at least they are nicely painted ;)

  8. I really like the log cabin quilt. You've done a great job on it too. I can't believe it's your first quilt.

    BTW Cute toes!! LOL

  9. That's a beautiful quilt! I love the rich and deep colors. They go well with the pattern. Belle would be impressed too!

  10. Jody- Thank you! Blue and brown together is my favorite colour combo!


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