I'm Back

If any if you were thinking that I was a little quite over here this week it, it because I ended up getting a horrible cold and we went on a little vacation at the same time...LOL Gesh you think the cold could have waited hey..oh well. I tried skimming through blogs, but I wasn't up to commenting on most of them. So now I shall try to do a little catch up.

For all of you you stopped by for my day of the Table Topper Blog hop. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am behind on commenting back, but I should be able to get around to that today.

Take care


  1. Welcome back! Hope you're feeling better, and had a good break despite getting sick.

    I've been playing catchup on blogs too. Like you just skimming and posting comments here and there. Maybe we'll both get caught up soon, though it is tricky once you get behind isn't it

  2. Hope you feel better now! No fun being sick and being on vacation. I was off to a conference for three days--took me FOREVER to catch up with all the table topper hop. You were quick and sweet to reply to me--thanks!

  3. Welcome back! And hope you are feeling better!
    We have been away for a couple of weeks too, so just starting to catch up.


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