Whole lotta spoutin going on!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We drove down with my parents to the Provincial capital Regina yesterday. It’s about 3 hours south of where we currently live and we drove there and back all in the same day. It makes for a long day with lots of driving, but it was worth it to see my grandma, family and to sleep in my own bed at the end of the night..LOL

I did get a bit of sewing done on Saturday I sewed for 3 hours straight and got a little mini done. I cannot show it yet since I am going to reveal it during the table topper blog hop. My day is the 18th of April so make sure you come back then to see what I have made.

The other sewing that I did on Thursday is already making progress!! I was very surprised when Mr. Pickles told me this morning that quite a bit had spouted already. 5 days to sprout...crazy! I think I may be transplanting some things into larger containers before they need to go outside!

These are the cabbages


And to be honest I cannot remember if this is the tray with cauliflower or the tray with the spaghetti squash...LOL I am going to say cauliflower
I am so happy that they are germinating. I just hope I can keep them all alive until the middle of MAY!

Now onto laundry duty.....fun fun fun!


  1. Brassicas always pop up fast for me. They usually come up in 3-4 days. Alliums on the other hand are pretty slow. 5 days for a leek is pretty good.

  2. So fun watching things sprout! I like to walk around my back yard and check for new perennials peeking through!
    .....and Regina is my home town!

  3. Your garden is already looking good, Mrs. Pickles!

  4. Looks like everything is growing wonderfully! Can't wait to see it once you transplant to outside!


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