After a nice little break from the computer I am back. 

This year I really wanted to focus on Christmas and the joy of the season so I turned the computer off Christmas Eve afternoon, unplugged it and didn't bring it back out until

As you know our family received some sad news before the holidays so this Christmas was both sad and happy. Although there were tears at times for the most part it was a happy occasion. 

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas that was full of joy, peace and love


  1. We couldn't give up on our computers on Christmas. My daughter lives in Canada and I used the internet to talk to her. My townhouse mates' son is in Singapore so they had him on Skype on their ipad and he "walked" around talking to people.

  2. My computer was off too. It is amazing how much can get accomplished and enjoyed without it.

  3. Joy, peace and love to you too!

  4. Welcome back.. I did a post for the Blog Hop coming up! Couple of other's have posted the schedule on their blogs too! So Should be LOTS OF FUN!!! Hugs and Happy Holidays

  5. Hope you had a good break. I did the same, but for longer.
    Happy new year


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