Cookie Time

Yahoo today is the first day of winter which means that starting tomorrow the days are going to start getting longer...phew all this sunrise after 9 and sun down before 5 is going to be over soon. Also very happy to report that the world did not end today..Lol I do feel sorry for anyone that actually believed thought, but not too

Yesterday afternoon my mother and I got a wee bit of Christmas baking done. We usually do a bit more, but this year neither of us was up to baking a lot.

We made whipped short bread cookies which were yummy as always. We also tried a new recipe and made chocolate chip peanut butter cookie cups. It was really easy and they taste pretty yummy.

 We also made rum balls. Well I made the mix and still have to roll them into balls today..But they are made...kind

Last night Mr. Pickles and I made Bratzeli one of his favourite Swiss cookies. We ended up with over 100 cookies so plenty to go around.

This is going to be the 1st year that I haven’t made sugar cookies and spent the whole day decorating them which makes me a little sad. Oh well though there is always next year.

Have a great day


  1. Oh rum balls. Yum! My son made some years ago. We tried a lot of flavors and we liked the lime ones the best. I wonder if Ben still has the recipe.

  2. They all look like very yummy offerings to the stomach gods.
    Good to see you make your own rum balls. After working in a commercial bakery to support myself during uni, I ccan tell you that you really don't want to buy ones from the shops :)
    Don't stress the dip in baking. Think of all that extra sewing time you got instead

  3. Oh do those cookies look good, especially the whipped short bread cookies!

  4. If I wasn't so full up with the cookies over here I would be knocking on your door...yummmmmmmy!!!


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