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Oh boy when I decided to do a review of the garden by section and separate it into different posts I didn’t think it would go on forever...but it Today I am going over sections 6 and 7

Section 6
This section was a real mix bag of veggies

Rainbow Carrots 1 10 ft row These carrots were not only pretty, but really sweet. Plan for 2013 grow again
Tederlong carrots 3 10 ft rows. These carrots always are good producers and store well. Plan for 2013 grow again
Easter Egg Radish 3 10 ft rows. This by far my favourite type of radish. This year the bugs were still bad, but we had a good crop Plan for 2013 grow again
Bon Vivant lettuce 2- 10ft rows. The lettuce had a hard year with it being so wet. This variety is a great producer though so we were able to get a lot out of a little Plan for 2013 grow again
Spinach tyee hybrid- 2 10 ft rows The spinach produced much better over hear. I wasn’t able to harvest a lot as it bolted while we were on vacation. Plan for 2013 grow again
Vienna Purple Kohlrabi. This was a nice change up. Plan for 2013 grow again
Vienna White Kohlrabi   were poor producers this year. What I did harvest was really woody. Plan for 2013 grow again
Touchstone gold beets. This was the first year I planted with variety and I am in love with them. They are so nice and sweet. Plan for 2013 grow again
Detroit red beets. It wasn’t a great year for beets as they got washed out with all the rain that we had in June. The produced well enough. Plan for 2013 grow again
Chioggia Beets. All put one plant was washed out. It was pretty neat looking though Plan for 2013 grow again

Section 7
I planted 3 Roma varieties in this section and all were great producers. I didn’t weigh each type separate since they were all pretty well ready at the same time
5 Roma hybrid II Did great and were just perfect for all my canning needs
5 Roma window box. I bought these by mistake last year and was surprised at how lovely the fruit was. This year was no exception.
 8 Mariani roma. These were bought by my MIL for me. I asked for roma and she brought this unknown to me type home. I wasn’t quite sure how they would do but they were HUGE. On average Each fruit weight .5-1lbs
Mariani, hybrid II, Windobox

In this section I also tried growing Hungarian Wax Peppers and Eggplants. 
Eggplants epic hybrid- didn’t have enough time to produce before the frost set Plan for 2013 grow again, but start indoors earlier
The peppers fared much better, but they too were taken by the early frost. Plan for 2013 grow again


  1. I need to do a garden analysis, too. We planted several kinds of squash. Patty Pan and Butternut didn't do a thing. Acorn and Hubbard, WOW! Corn didn't grow well but pole beans were outstanding as was asparagus. Rainbow Carrots didn't germinate. Tomatoes, Early Girl, were great; Romas, not so much. Our climate is very hot in summer and almost no humidity. Hardly any moisture in the spring but a long, moist, autumn with no frost, usually, before October 7th. Farmers grow dryland and irrigated wheat and grains; irrigated beans, peas, potatoes, corn (crop circles). We're in the driest part of the rain shadow of the Cascades in central Washington. Wildlife include deer (mule & white tail), cougar, coyotes, badgers, raccoons, skunks; don't know if we have any moose.....

  2. sounds like a good season. There will probably always be something that doesn't do well but also others that seem to do well no matter what. Will you make changes to where you plant things? I've heard that tomatoes need to rotate places each year for some reason....either they deplete the soil or they put something into it that isn't good for the following year so they need to be planted elsewhere?

  3. Oh yum! You have given me some good ideas for my next planting. Living on the Central Coast of California our biggest challenge is summer fog! Some years we get enough sun and the tomatoes are fine and other years, not so much. But I really appreciated your tomato review. Thanks for all the useful info. cheers, Claire W.


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