November NewFO

OH WOW IT’S DECEMBER!!! How crazy is that I swear I don’t even remember the summer and here it is the 1st of December. As a kid you count down the days since it takes forever to get back to Christmas and as an adult the whole year just fly’s by!

I thought today I would link up with Barbra’s NewFOChallenge over at Cat Patches. I started the year off joining up just about every month and although I was still taking part I would never remember to link up!

The past month was busy with Bee blocks, but not a lot of projects for me. As you recall I did get 2 months done from my 2011 BOM

I also started a wonky star quilt with my mother. We cut out the stars using our Accuquilt Go and WOW it made things oh so much easier. It was nice to be able to cut 10 5inch blocks out at a time and made me remember why we both wanted the Go. We were able to get the whole quilt done last month

We also started on another quilt. This one is made using the Taking Turns block created by Happy Zombie. We added on 3 more 18inch blocks to the side to help even out the quilt since we only did 9 blocks. I than added on the black border since I thought it would help and I really like it. My mother pieced out the backing this morning, but I didn’t take a picture of that yet.

So on a whole November was a great month for quilting. I hope to get my December projects done before the 25th


  1. I love all of these. The last quilt is so rich in color. Love it.

  2. Wonderful quilts, yes - I love the last quilt too!!

  3. That's a good looking month

  4. I love your quilts and the colours are great.

  5. Love the green and blue stars. :D


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