Christmas Appetizers

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Well amidst all of this quilting buzz I did take the time to get in the kitchen and get a few things done. As some of you know every year my mother and I get together to make Appetizers for Christmas Eve as well as a few sweets. Since my parents are still waiting for their house to be finished and are living with us in the mean time this year we did all the cooking at my place.

We had a bit of a panic on what we were going to make since the recipes for most of our favourites are packed away. However, thanks to the internet we were able to find most of the recipes online or at least things close to them.

Here is our finished product

We made Mushroom turnovers, Cheese Puffs, Parmesan bites, Ham tartlets, Crab tarts, and crab wontons.and boy oh boy they all tasted GREAT.
We ran out of time to make our sweets, so that will have to happen this week sometime

Have a great day


  1. Oh, how smart to do those ahead of time. And they look scrumptious. I'm glad I don't know you--I would have to come and STEAL those-LOL!

  2. Looks SO heavenly :D

    I love the new signature! So adorable!


  3. Hehe, a "few" things done :)
    Looks good. Also, been meaning to ask.. How's the whole folks staying with you, thing going? I'd last two days before I'd have to call a friend to help me hide the bodies. I've always wanted to visit Canada, so it you need to call someone to help YOU hide the bodies, I'll be happy to hop on a plane ;)

  4. Everything looks delicious! Do you then freeze them, thaw and reheat? What a huge timesaver!

  5. Looks so good and festive, I wish I knew someone that could bake


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