Even more secrets

A few weeks ago I made the big announcements about the 
Quilting Secrets blog hop I am hosting 
Dec 31st to Jan 6th
Click the button below for more exciting information
mrs pickles garden

I told you I would be releasing secret or two about the blog hop every week until it starts.
Week 1 secrets were
1.Some loveliness from 
 However, you’ll have to come back on the 31st to find out what it is!

2.For those of you wishing to help promote the hop I have the button with its code on the top right of this blog as well as at the bottom of this post. There may be something special in store for those to help spread the word....but for now its well a SECRET!

Week 2 Secrets were
1. Some loveliness from greenfairybutton
However, you’ll have to come back on the 31st to find out what it is!

2. As you know I have lined up 6 wonderfully talented quilters to join me in sharing a few of their Quilting Secrets! Here are the days that these ladies and myself will be posting
Christine from http://www.quiltmonstercloset.com  December 31st
Melissa from http://blog.sewbittersweetdesigns.com/  January 1st
Barbara from http://catpatches.blogspot.com January 2nd
Linda from http://buzzingandbumbling.blogspot.com/ January 3rd
Sharon from http://vroomansquilts.blogspot.ca/ January 4th
Sue from http://quilttimes.blogspot.com January 5th
Hayley(this is me) from http://mrspicklesgarden.blogspot.com January 6th

This Weeks Secrets are
1. This one is hard to keep quite, but let me tell you its Aurifil(ly) lovely... 
2. As for some other secrets let’s see here is a poem that spills some of the secrets..maybe
We have woven such a lovely web full of secrets just for you.
They will have you sticking around for the whole hop just like you were stuck in glue
These secrets are so lovely it’s hard to no let them loose
If told you now I would be such a silly goose
The irony is some of these secrets are just so simply clever
Are you starting to think this poem is going to go on forever?
Okay then for now I am going to cut this poem short
I know I am such a square, but I just have so much to report

I hope everyone is looking forwards to this hop as much as I am.Its really really hard to keep all these secrets to myself and make sure you come back next Sunday to find out more secrets!!

mrs pickles garden


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