Garden tour

I thought I would give you all a tour of my gardens in December.

Here is the main really it’s this picture, just under a few feet of
The new garden is out back....just to the side of the last chicken coop in the picture below. However the snow is a little too deep for me to go and get a really good

Our temps here have been a little bit nicer lately hovering around the -15C mark for the past week. We have been getting a lot of ice fog lately though which means for slippery well everything, but it does make nice hoarfrost.
okay this is more fluffy snow than hoarfrost...but you can kind of see it 

 I just think that the evergreens really shine at this time of the year. They are just meant to be covered in snow!!

This is Zada rolling in the snow. She LOVES to roll in the snow. In this picture she just looks like she is falling

So that is where the garden stands today. I hope you are all having a lovely warm day

**** I am still taking new members for We bee Canadian and We Bee with it****


  1. These have to be the best garden pics ever! Maybe I should move to Canada :)

  2. How beautiful! (It's supposed to be 85 today. We did have one night where it dipped to 30 for about an hour!)
    I have no idea what ice fog and hoarfrost are! I'm going to google them and find out!

  3. It is so beautiful when the frost is heavy in the trees, isn't it. I'd like in the we be Canadian bee, please (and also continue with We Be Learning). Thanks!

  4. Love your winter garden photos. It looks like you have quite a bit of snow. No snow here in western NY. Everyone is hoping for a white Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Not a snowflake in sight here in Southern Ontario. Love your photos. I want to come and smell those trees with their "furry" coats.

  6. Love your garden pictures, here in Vancouver they are threatening snow. We will see. If there is room in the Canadian Bee that would be lovely. I have sent you an email.

  7. What lovely gardens you have, Mrs. P.! Our temperature took a 20 degree drop today, after yesterdays windy mid-fifties (12C, I think) down to a high of 35F today. I think winter weather is finally upon us.


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