Whiny garden plan..lol

Well whiny pants aka me is still sick. Going on 14 days now...gesh. I will admit though I am a bit better and able to breath through my nose now for a good part of the day. As one who is prone to getting sinus infections my whole life I must say that the fact that this infection brought on sever panic attacks was a first for me. I do suffer from panic disorder so I am no stranger to panic attacks, but being stuck in a 6+ day panic attack just because of a stuffed up nose really irked me...lol Once the dr gave the go ahead to take dristan last Monday the panic went away, but since I can't take it everyday its been off and on panic city.

I am slowly catching up on all my blog reading. For the most part I am viewing them on my ipad, which for some reason won't let me open more than one at a time and makes commenting even harder. So I apologize for not commenting for the most part. I will also admit that I am just looking at the snap shots on blogger and then marking them as read......lol I am a rebel...or lazy or both...hahah

I have been thinking about the garden lately, even though it looks like this

Yes that stick coming out of the ground is a pitch fork. We left it there to mark where the fire-pit is
it is 12:26pm, but this pic makes it look like 5pm....lol trust me it is a little bit brighter outside, but not much

I really want to try something different this year that will help me with my inability to keep the weeds in check. Last year I read about keeping rows close together and putting straw down and thought that was the solution. I tried it and failed. Granted in June I wasn't able to weed the garden on doctors orders and then when my Dad got sick in July the garden took a back seat to visiting in the hospital everyday. When he passed away in August the weeds had fully taken over and although my mother and Mr.P tried their best to tame the weeds it was just too much.

This year I am going to try something different. Something that I came up with in my head. Something that may or may not work, but I am doing it anyhow..lol
So what am I doing you ask...well let me tell you. It's nothing fancy I am just going to plant things in little 2x2 plots. Now I know I have a huge garden and this sounds stupid, but I think it will work. So for example I will have a 2x2 square of peas and then a 3 foot gap and then another 2x2 square of peas followed by a 3 foot gap and so on. So that the whole garden will look like a giant checkerboard. The 3ft gap will allow me Mr.Pickles to quickly run the tiller up and down the rows and leave the weeds to just come up in little patches with the fruit and veggies.

so what do you think....am I crazy or do you think that might work?

Okay off to have some lunch


  1. So sorry to hear that you're still feeling bad. It is tough to be sick at any time but to be sick while pregnant is a real challenge.

    I don't garden but I do love your idea of trying several things to see what works best for you. That's always a good practice!

  2. I use flakes of straw under my tomato plants. You peel off a whole flake and lay it under the plants. If a whole flake won't fit the area, break it up so that the pieces are smaller but still in flake form. It really keep the crab grass and weeds out. I am guessing because it is a thick flake that they can't get through. I didn't do it last year and the grass and weeds took over. Will definitely do it this year.

  3. I'm sorry you're still not feeling good, but summer's coming! I think your plan for beating the weeds sounds like a good one and will make the weed-taming seem far less daunting.

  4. Weeds in my garden have been the bane of my existence. Your idea is as good as any. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I too have been dealing with a long lasting sinus infection but I don't think mine has been nearly as bad as yours. I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend. I like your garden idea and I really hope it works this year.


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