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I will start with the bad new......our laptop has officially crapped out...that was the technical term used when the tech When I asked why he said such are things in life one minute they work and then suddenly without warning things get sick and die. It was a very philosophical He was very kind though and extremely helpful so it softened the blow that our non-backed up laptop was going to laptop heaven.
The good news is that he said they will be able to save all of our pictures! As you know my Dad passed away in August and the thought of all of our pictures from the past 5 years being lost was just not an option I wanted to think about. They can also save all our files as well which means all the quilt patterns I have downloaded for future use are saved....PHEW!!
Technology is just too strange. Our laptop was working perfectly and then bam out of the blue its motherboard is dead and the cost to fix it would be far greater than buying a new one. This experience has taught me a few things though....1. buy a backup system, 2. write down my passwords instead of auto saving them via Norton(here's to hoping I can remember them) 3. if something is important print it out or at least write down the website it was on instead of just saving it to favourites. I started pinning a few years ago so most of my internet favs should be on there...but we'll see what exactly they can xfer to a new laptop when the time come.
I will be trying to post when I can on Mr.Pickles work laptop until we can go and get a new one. I feel bad doing that, but it's not like I am doing illegal things on
Nothing like saving money to by baby stuff and then having to spend it on something At least I am good at saving money for a rainy day and who said the baby needs diapers, right..they come out toilet trained after all....LOL


  1. Technology is GREAT ... when it chooses to work! LOL. Sounds like your conversation with your tech guy went like most of my conversations with my brother! Techno techno mumbo jumbo!

  2. Oh so sorry about the demise but these things happen unfortunately. The one BIG thing I've learned over the years from being a firefighters wife and being involved with fire victims myself is to save your pictures in multiple places. Those are the one thing that are impossible to replace. I'm glad yours will be saved.


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