Where did summer go?

Oh my it is September already!! Where they heck did the summer go....lol For the most part summer forgot to show up in Saskatchewan. I hope this means we will have a nice hot fall and a mild winter. I have my doubts about that, but you can always hope right!!

The garden is slowly finishing up. Here are a few pics from August. they didn't turn out as well as i thought, but you get the idea. Although a lot didn't come up in the garden this year I was very happy with my plan this year. We were really able to keep the weed in check and it garden look great!! I will be posting about some harvests tomorrow :)
The front yard. I love mowing the lawn so had to get the garden tractor in the pic too

a little shaddy pic
no weeds this year!! I finally found a plan that works!

oh my i look tall...lol


  1. Having a successful weed plan is HUGE! Glad it worked out and looking forward to seeing your harvest.

  2. Glad the weed plan worked.
    I love these pics, and have serious garden envy


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