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Last night I sat down at the computer and opened up my bloglovin account. The number 324 stared back at me....oh my I thought that is a heck of a lot of blog posts to read. I'll be honest I don't read them all, just skim the pics and titles and click on those that peak my interest. I do have a few that I click on no matter what since they are my bloggy friends of sorts but i still might not comment.....either way 324 is a lot of posts and that was just after 3 days!

So I started thinking do I really need to follow all the blogs I am following. I hate to unfollow it makes me feel bad. I know how it feels to get the e-mail saying someone has unfollowed you, but I get it we can't be everyone's cup of tea all the time. Some of the blogs I follow annoy me a few even anger me. So I started to make to purge. First i started at the top and if someone hadn't posted in 2015 I unfollowed them. I had about 20 that hadn't posted since 2012!! Gesh I needed to purge a little
Its a lot of work go through each name. If something shows up in bloglovin then fine, but there was a lot of investigating....which after a hour gave me a

after 1 hour I was down 50 blogs and then i cut got lazy. If bloglovin told me no recent activity and i didn't recall the cut was a bloggy blood bath..yikes and then I must have angered something because it stopped allowing me to

Do I feel bad, Yes! I don't know why the majority of people I removed hadn't posted in 2 years, but I still feel bad. So after all that did it makes a difference. No I haven't actually cut any of the blogs that do actually post that I don't really Now onto do

How about you. Do you ever do a blog purge?


  1. I did my first blog purge this January. I noticed a LOT of bloggers have just "disappeared". So, I don't feel bad deleting ones that haven't posted in months and months. And some have turned into HUGE ads. Gone! That left me with a manageable 50 blogs......because not everyone posts every day--so it kind of "evens out".

  2. At the end of each year I do a purge if necessary and I do not feel bad about it - it is our time and our loves.

  3. I also feel bad, but I do purge otherwise it gets overwhelming to me when I have too many unread posts.

  4. I have never been notified that someone unfollows me...hmmm.

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  6. I haven't purged blogs that haven't posted in a while but I have purged blogs that seem to be solely self promotion. I followed them when they were just like me and then they started selling themselves all the time. Can't do that!

  7. Funnily enough, after seeing today that I had about 280 unread posts, and knowing I'm off on holiday tomorrow, so that will soon increase, I was just thinking I must do something similar. Trouble is, I haven't read them cos I haven't got time, and I also won't have time to do much pruning!

  8. Boy do I know what you mean - I was away last week and came back to 200+ posts & that was just in my gardening folder. And I completely agree with the other commenters - blogs who's primary purpose is to flash ads at you are usually the first to go.

  9. I did not all that long ago too! I had one that I would read and it locked up my Kindle every time I read it!! Grrr I did keep one who hasn't posted in years because there are many tutorials I go back to over and over! I have been gone all week and STILL had over 300 posts! (However Bonnie Hunter is probably the biggest offender!! LOL)

  10. Yep, I've purged a few times. But actually, I haven't used a blog reader for a while. Instead I sit down and open up the blog I want to read (aka catch up on). If I've forgotten the url, I just google the blog name. Yes this has naturally meant that while sometimes I'm visiting most of my blog friends weekly and others there can be a few months between, but I don't let this bother me. After all, my blog friends are just that. Friends. And friends don't mind how often you visit or whether you leave a comment when you do. I feel the same about my blog. It doesn't bother me if/when friends comment. That's not after all why I'm blogging


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