Baby watch

Things might get a little slower on here. Not that they could get that much slower,

However, as of Wednesday we are officially on baby watch. I am only due March 17th, but things are already well on there way so the dr figures its only a matter of time. I am hoping it stays in for at least a couple more weeks. That will mean its lungs will be better developed by then and less time in the NICU if any.

 It's exciting, stressful and scary all at the same time. We have nothing ready and I am trying not to do anything more than necessary so I don't accelerate things. However, its pretty hard to sit and do nothing with a  22 month

Hopefully the little guy or gal stays in past this week-end so we have a chance to get a few more things done. 

I'll keep you all posted!


  1. Oh, best wishes for you and the family. Keep your feet up as much as possible. I had 3 premies. No need to reply -

  2. How exciting! I hope all goes smoothly for you and the newest member of your family arrives safe and sound.

  3. Best wishes for a healthy and pretty baby. Hope it all goes well.

  4. I'm hoping for a couple more weeks inside for both of you too. Take care.

  5. Sending you great thoughts!! Cant wait to 'meet' him/her!! Hold that baby in!! I'm predicting March 3rd!! You can do this!! I have faith in you'd!

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