Garden week one

 I am counting June 1st as the official date that garden was planted even though not everything was But almost everything was planted so good enough right..Lol

So let’s take a look at what has happened in week one. Well it rained and then it got really windy and then guess what it rained some more.Nonetheless, when I went out this morning I did find that a few things were up already. Now just ignore the weeds it has been raining for 3 days and the garden is too muddy to weed at the moment. I was so proud that I was on top of the keeping the weeds down...but now they are running wild in the mud..LOL So this may be a where's waldo plant finding post...but doesn't that make it more fun now.....this is were you nod yes...LOL

In the herb garden I planted the basil. My purple basil is not surviving the transplanting.  As for the rest I think it is mainly grass and maybe the wildflowers I planted last year. I have the worst luck when growing herbs so we shall see what happens.

 In the onion plot the onions are up, the leeks  and brussel sprouts survived the transplants for the most part. Two and up and 3 are limp. spinach is just MIA which is not a good sign

In Plot 2 the cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli have held their own throughout the wind and rain. I think they will survive. The Pak Choi isn’t up yet

 In Plot 3 the potatoes were not up on Saturday and today this was the smallest plant...funny how what works

 In Plot 4 the radishes are up, lettuce is still thinking as are the beets and kohlrabi

 In Plot 5 we have TOMAOTES!!!! Okay well not real tomatoes yet, but I was able to plant my tomato plants on Saturday....yes the day before all the wind and rain.... I have 8 Mariani roma, 5 window box Roma and 5 Roma. I only had enough pop bottles to cover 12, but the othesr are still doing okay.
I also planted my hot peppers and eggplants on Saturday. However I wasn’t able to offer them any cover. They are doing okay. The Zucchini is also up

In plot 5 the beans and peas are slowly coming up as are the cucumbers

This is just one of many red ant hills in the garden. BOOOOOO

 In plot 6 the turnips are up but, squash and peas are sleeping

In plot 7 the sweet potatoes are still not in, but on the to get them in ASAP

 Okay in over in the new garden. I planted cauliflower and cabbage which faired much better over here than in the main garden. I also planted spaghetti squash and pumpkins. However, the problem is that when my MIL transplanted them into bigger pots she didn’t label which was which and since they look the same I  have either planted four of one and none of the other. Or I have planted the pumpkins with the squash and vice versa. So yeah a surprise for On the down side one row is I am not sure what to plant more of..LOL

 What should have been a spaghetti squash

Pumpkins I think trying to survive!! 

 I also planted two mystery tomato plants in a tub on the patio along with some basil. My MIL gave me the tomatoes and she didn’t know what they were, but “small” ones. I didn’t have room in the garden so I planted them there. I also had 2 extra tomato plants that I just put in little pots. If they grow they grow if not then fine.

So there you go that is a look at week one in the garden.


  1. well, there are a few little sprouts that braved all that rain!! Hope you get some sunshine to encourage them along!

  2. Good luck. I hope everything germinates and grows for you. I'd have trouble growing in your zone.

  3. I had a few things that struggled, some won, some lost. Good luck with yours, and may Mother Nature be kind from now on.

  4. The soil must be pretty warm, because a lot has gone on in a week! It's looking pretty good, huh?

    And some wins, a few loses, that's the way of gardening...

  5. Isn't it wonderful to watch things grow! Good luck with your garden. Our temperatures here have been in the triple digits for almost a week now, so our gardens are withering in the heat. It's nice to know that somebody has rain! ;)

  6. Everything looks great! Our pea trellis keeps getting knocked down by the wind and one plant has already bit the dust, hopefully the other 5 survive :)

  7. Stay@home- I put the plastic pop bottles over my tomatoes to keep the wind from blowing them over and breaking the stem.Once they are a bit bigger I put the tomato cages on and remove the bottles

  8. I was wondering what you did with the pop bottles. Now I know. Do you make sauce with your Roma's? I suffered a few loses this season too, but all in all everything is looking good in your garden.


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