Patio garden

I ran out of room the garden so I thought that instead of throwing away tomato plants I would instead have a little patio garden this year.

I have the unknown tomato plants from my MIL. I think they might by cherry tomatoes along with my basil transplants. The basil is fairing much better in this old mineral tub than in the garden. Last night we discovered a HUGE any colony under this tub along with eggs lots and lots of eggs. I just hope they are not in the tub

More unknown tomato plants. I need to stake these up and I think the containers may be a bit small

My Costco Early girl. Look at those tomatoes!! HAHA okay now that I looks at these pictures you can't really see the tomatoes...but trust me there are about 10 

I have a question about this plant. I would like to transplant it; however it is already producing fruit.. If I pot it up will this kill my tomatoes? 

I still have mint, lemon balm and lemon verbena to plant. They were suppose to go into the garden, but I think I am going to till over the whole “herb” section....So I they still might make it out there who knows.

Right now we are being hit by an ever so hot heat wave a long with humidity that I have only experienced out of the country. The south of the province is ripe for tornado's and quite a few "famous" storm chasers are in the province to see what happens. I hope that nothing happens! The only things I want to see is rain, since we really need some!

Have a great day


  1. I do hope you don't have tornadoes!
    If you can't leave the plants in the container they're in, just be sure to disturb the roots as little as possible, make sure they get plenty of water, and don't change the environment they're in very much. (Don't plop them down in full sun if they have had part shade.) You might even try slicing the sides of the container and removing as much of it as you can without disturbing the roots, then plant it all. My mother grows huge, wonderful tomatoes and she always adds a little composted soil (she makes her own by composting every vegetable scrap in her kitchen) in the bottom of each hole. She also mulches heavily on top by first layering about 6 to 8 layers of newspaper, then regular mulch over that. She has a drip irrigation on them. (She's really into organic gardening.)

  2. Good advice there from Linda Mrs P.
    The best way would be to cut the sides of the pot, and be very careful with the roots and keep it in the shade for a while.

  3. We have several unknown tomato plants growing in planters too. How about that. Ours were left over seedlings that were either weak or damaged. They're all growing quite well now! Yours look very good!

  4. Jody- glad to hear I am not the only one growing unknown tomatoes!


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