Sizzling Saturday

It is almost 2pm here and Saturday is shaping up to be HOT HOT HOT. It is 23C already and promising to get hotter as the day goes on.I  Must say today is one of those days I wish we had air conditioning!

Today has been a pretty productive day so far. I have already mowed the grass and have the first load of laundry drying on the line outside. I was thinking that I should weed the garden a bit, but I think I would end up getting heat stroke!

I have to get my block finished for the International stashes bee that I am in. For that bee we make the block that we want everyone else to make and give a quick tutorial on it. The tutorial is done...but the block ended up having to be ripped apart since I didn't trim my hst's to the right size...LOL Oh well live and learn.

Speaking of Quilting Bee's. If anyone is interested we have an opening in group one of the We Bee Learning Bee. We would be looking for someone to play catch up from April till now and then continue on with us for the rest of the year. If you are interested please send me an e-mail.

Also just a reminder that the Red White and Blue blog hop starts tomorrow...on CANADA DAY!! I will be posting my creating on the 5th
july 1st next week...RWB begins

Okay off to do a bit of sewing and then maybe I will go for a run though the sprinklers....its okay to do that when you are over 10 .....right :P


  1. I got tired just reading all the things you did today! What a woman! Can't wait to see your creation.


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