sewing Saturday

Today my aunt and uncle are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary which means I spent a good part of last night trying to get my gifts finished..Lol

I had decided to make them a couple of matching mug rugs and just had the binding left to do. Have a told you how much I hate doing binding. I can make the strips and sew them on getting pretty darn nice corners. I just cannot get the two ends to join up nicely. I usually have to end up doing some kind of comprise that isn’t anywhere near being right. Nonetheless, I got them finished

Once they were done I thought this is kind of a crappy gift. Two little mug rugs in a gift bag look pretty sad. So I decided to make them a centre piece/hot pad. My plan was to make a wonky little star sew it to the backing, turn right side out and put a ceramic tile in the middle. However, I got a little over zealous with my cutting and once I sewed it together it ended up being too small. That and I sewed the wrong sides together. I decided that it would still work without the tile and just add a little bit of extra quilting to keep the front and back together. I was so happy with my work until Mr.P got home. I asked him “so what do you think” His reply was “is the top border supposed to be bigger than the rest?” I of course hadn’t noticed that. So right away I asked if he thought it was too ugly to gift to someone. His reply was” well would you want something like that?” Which to me means that he thinks it is ugly. So now I am stuck. Do I give it or not? Gesh I sure wish I was better at executing things!!


  1. I think the mug rugs would be fine on their own (just put them in a smaller gift bag! LOL!)- or maybe you can give them a couple of mugs to go with the mug rugs!

    With the hotpad, can you embroider 'Tea for Two' or something along the wider border so it looks deliberate??

  2. If it was me I would give all three but maybe you should buy some mugs to go with it, lol, as a 50th wedding anniversary seems like a big deal to me.

  3. I think that Hazel & Becky both have great ideas! So, I say give them the gifts with a couple of mugs and embroider something on the top. If you have the time.

    I know that I always appreciate something that someone has made more!

    You could always give them some tea too!! Or, some homemade jam!!

  4. I think a couple of mugs would be a great idea with the mug rugs, and embroidering something like the date of their wedding on the top border would tell everyone it was quite deliberate that that border was wider. If you don't have time to do it, you could always give it to them but explain it's not quite finished, and bring it home again to do the stitching.

  5. I love your mug rugs, they are so bright and cheerful!


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