Thursday Kitchen cupboard...kind of

Well my plan today was to take part in Thursdays Kitchen Cupboard over at the Robin the Gardener of Eden’s Blog. However now that I sit down to write my post I realized that I don’t have any pictures of what I made in the last week and that we haven’t really eaten anything worth talking about. What the heck I didn’t plan that out too good now did I.

Speaking of plans I fell off the wagon with my meal plans. I tried really hard for a while and then it was like those Commercials on TV....Chicken Thursday, steak Friday, pork Mondays... you get my point..right..LOL
I have decided right this second as I am writing this that I am going to try and cook from a different cook book every week. I have a cook book addiction and to be honest I look though them, but rarely use any of the recipes. So my plan for the summer is to pick a new cook book each Thursday and then make meals for the week only using that cook book.  Eeep.

Okay so I am going to start with my newest purchase

Culina Mediterranea published by hf Ullman

***I am by no means affiliated with this book and am not getting compensation for using this book. It is just the most recent addition to my cookbook collection****

I have just come to find out that there are A LOT of rabbit recipes in this cookbook....and a lot of Pigeon...maybe I should have read though this before buying!!

Thursday- Well today we have to go to the city to return so no cooking today
Friday Chicken with Graviea p 579
Saturday Steak with pasta alla scarpara p 315
Sunday- Pork roast at my parents for Father’s day
Monday- Paella- Page 513
Tuesday Loin of Suckling pig with herbs p 541
Wednesday Rabbit Angelion p 553 (however I will be using Chicken)

So there you go that is what I am going to try and make this week from Culina Mediterranea. Should be fun and yummy! I will take picture of each dish and post them next Thursday along with my review of the recipes and my plan/cook book for the next week


  1. You are very brave. I'm sticking with chicken Thursday, steak Friday, pork Monday...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing these yummy masterpieces! Not sure about the suckling pig one! lol

  3. We never really plan that far ahead on meals....or I should say my husband doesn't. If I was doing all the cooking it would have to be a certain thing like your TV commercials as I don't enjoy cooking. Too funny to read that your new cookbook is mostly for rabbit and pigeon....what will you be making :)


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